[Bug] Kotyan Khan Campaign mission 2 Crash

Game Version:

  • Version 101.101.32911.0 4395365
  • Steam


Whenever I try to play this mission crashes after the “cutscene”. Probably has something to do with the loading in of the level?
As a sidenote, this also made my discord crash for whatever reason the first time i tried it (Maybe through a plugin or something telling discord the status of my game?). This did however not occur on any later attempts to start the mission.
I can see that people have posted bugs in later missions of the same campaign just two days ago leading me to believe that this issue is either only specific to me or that a very recent patch made this happen.

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Start the game
  2. Go into Campaign
  3. Choose said mission
  4. Skip (or sit through) the dialogue.
  5. Profit (not really but :slight_smile: )

Due to the game crashing without an error message no screenshots could take place.

B.R. Fondisen

Just noticed that I can not run the ranked benchmark test either so I figure the problem might be with my game files. I am going to try reinstalling my game and try again.
Maybe something might have broke going between the beta and final release of the game?
I will leave another reply once I’m finished to let you know of my results.
B.R. Fondisen

Re-installation of the game did not solve my problem. Meaning i can neither play some of the campaign maps, nor can I play ranked multiplayer games. Going to wait a few days to see if the problem gets solved and then send in a ticket.

If anybody is still reading this and cares the problem seem to be caused by aoe2de eating all available RAM and once it ate it all it will crash if more is needed. After looking around a bit I found a lot of people share the same issue. Managed to get through the benchmark once I turned of all other unnecessary programs running in the background. This would explain why I also had Issues with steam, discord and chrome crashing while in aoe2de loading screen as briefly mentioned in the original post.

B.R. Fondisen

Set your pagefile to be system managed and on a drive, where there is enough space for it

Ok thanks for your tip. But for someone who has not done this before, how much space is required? It says that there currently is about 7GB of allocated space. Do you mean i want to just up that number? And does it matter on which drive I allocate it?

System will decide how much space is required.
You can read from these articles how much space might be required. Interestingly they give different values (4 and 3 times your RAM size)


You should allocate page file preferably on SSD and if possible then on other drive than where the game/operating system is on. And drive must definitely have enough space for it.

Alright. Thank you for your dedication to help!