[Bug] Matchmaking search failed: request was invalid

I’m only reporting this… because it happen to me so many times…
Up to 10 times until find a game.
IT’S VERY FRUSTRATING, because you have to actually pay attention on the queue to reset it.
Because of it find a game, is taking way to long.
Reopen the game does not help.

I can’t be the only one
It happen during the queue.

Also… i’m using a VPN. Because: Disconnect after few minutes playing multiplayer (Problem persists after update) (THX DE)
Not sure if it contribute for this

this game is suck… a lot off people cant play because disconnect every single game, and the dev dont do any ■■■■ to fix it… they dont solve the problem, they just dont care about…
we all must take our money back and send this game to trash,

How often are you seeing this happen? Has it just started recently? The more details you can give us the better!

Very very often.
i will provide more sample/content on it. With more details and timestamps.

I’m experiencing it for at least 3 weeks by now.

join queue

it auto-quit queue ?!?

it auto quit again !?!


@JexBall as you can see this is “very painful” to say a few.
All of this in a time-frame of ~9 min

up we go.