Bug or not: Inaccurate number of downloads

@DodoNotDoDo Is the # of downloads recently changed to active subscribes? Because I saw a significant drop of downloads for all my mods. More confusing, the number shown in “My Mods” list is different than that when you open the mod page. (I do notice that one is called “DLs” and the other “subscriptions”, but then why would “DLs” ever decrease?)

It removed ununique downloads. Though, it seems like it was a “one-off” change, as each redownload or update after it still adds +1, even if it is not unique.

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There was a bug that resulted in there being extra subscribes and/or downloads counted. After fixing the bug the counts were adjusted to the actual values. They should increment normally now. And yes, download vs subscribe will typically not be the same. Download should be the higher value.


I noticed I could sub and unsub from my mods over and over on the site by just spamming with an auto clicker and get infinite subscriptions if i wanted, I think it’s fixed now.

My download is around 600 but subscription is around 2500,how do you explain this things?@DodoNotDoDo

Looks like either yours got missed in the update or there’s still another bug throwing off counts. I’ll investigate further.

Hi Dodo, I think you should further fix download counts. Currently one person/account could download a mod a million times and they all count towards the download number. We should have a limit that one account can download a mod only once, even if it repeatedly downloads.

Look at the mods with most downloads now. Imagine a new gamer wants to find some actually useful mods and see this… Imagine someday you can’t even find Small Trees in top results :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Useful rework to it would be to showcase Total/All-time Downloads and Active/Current Subscribers. Whether it is something you could or have time to do that is another matter entirely. Both values are indicators for popularity All-time Downloads would show the lifetime performance of the mod and how it has been perceived. Whereas Current Subscribers would show if is there any point for the mod in the current year and day, perhaps it has died or become entirely obsolete due to an update.

there are more serious issue needs to be fix than just download number imo. things such as allowing uploading difference in mod, allowing players who subscribe to mod only download the difference in files between update.

a 500 MB mod would require a player to update entire thing even when only 1 file is changed.

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I concur, the old steam workshop system allowed updating mod by uploading/downloading only the modified files and that was a lot more convenient than re-uploading and re-downloading the entire 500mb size just for a minor change made to one file within the mod.

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I agree. Making a source control system will make mods easier to maintain. This issue is worth its own thread.

Wow, now I understand why before the release of DE there are voices questioning the abandonment of Steam Workshop.


Downloads only get counted once. So you can download a million times but the counter will only increment on the 1st one. I think part of the issue in your screenshot is more that once the event mods show up for you then they dominate the top listing since they get downloaded a lot more than non-event mods. I’ll check with the team on that and see if maybe we want to filter those out or something.

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The actual issue is some sort of bug with event mods constantly re-downloading for people who have removed them and don’t actually want them active. If that were fixed, it would help.

According to Dodo this bug has been fixed internally: