Bug: prelate lost ability to inspire

I played a ranked game as HRE on King of the Hill, and from around 2:45 minutes into the game I could no longer inspire villagers (from that time onwards till the end of the game). The inspire button was constantly dark and the little star when you target a villager did no longer show up. Though when the villager took damage (from enemy scout, I told him in chat so he tested) and the prelate healed him, he also got inspired. Pic included. I have played mostly against bots (and a lot of games, as HRE and other civs), and this happened on my second day of starting ranked. Thus I suspect it is related to online playing. I have no idea what triggered it. Changing auto heal did not help.

Pic: from replay, when bugged. I can’t inspire any villagers.

Game version: 5.0.20249.0
Played 26 Aug 2022, ranked.

Thank you for reporting @AirManatee57627! If you’re able to view the first part of your game, can you see if any unit “bumps” into the Prelate while he is inspiring?

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I experienced this bug on 12th November on current build. 5.0.26139. I have created a new thread regarding this issue but there is no replay available in my game replay browser. Stats are on aoe4world.com.

Refer to my bug report.