[BUG] Town Center repeating explosions after being repaired

Game Version:

  • Build: 36906
  • Platform: Steam
  • Operating System: Windows 10


Town Center had explosions, smoke puffs, and some confetti going on in it after being repaired from near-total destruction by enemy. Kept repeating explosions non-stop for a long time. Eventually (a long time later), researching Spies/Treason at a Castle seemed to stop it.

Reproduction Steps:

Here’s how to reproduce the problem:

  1. Make unranked private game two weeks ago: 2 Human vs. 3 AI (Or try it today… but I’m just detailing my past breadcrumb trail of action.)
  2. I played as Spanish, and we were in an All Visible map. ES1_Sherwood_Forest map:
  3. Play game for a while until the game becomes unplayable due to this bug
  4. Restore game 2 weeks later (i.e., today)
  5. Play, play, play and build Town Centers here and there, as a matter of typical gameplay
  6. Have enemy nearly destroy one of the TCs, but don’t let total destruction happen. Mine got to 378 health. My enemy (AI with a name of “Cunedda Wledig”) had two Scorpions and a handful of infantry attacking my TC. The explosive impacts of the Scorpions maybe helped trigger the issue?
  7. See if cyclical puffs happen even after enemy is no longer there. My enemy got distracted by fights elsewhere and so left my TC before fully destroying it.
  8. Repair building and see if issue happens
  9. If issue happens, try researching Spies/Treason and Castle and see if it goes away.

I mean, I know there’s cause for celebration upon repairing a TC, but they sure are partying! :slight_smile:


I’d post a video if the forum would let me. Still doesn’t let me, though… so here are screenshots from my video:

Enemy starting to destroy:

Scorpion joins the fun, starts shooting from far-right of screenshot:

Another Scorpion joins. TC at 1220 health here:

The crushing of my TC continues. TC @ 669 health here:

They left me alone @ 378 TC health due to distractions in different part of map. In my replay, it showed some residual Scorpion puffs of smoke on my TC well after they left (residual puffs not pictured here, but they were happening. Notice the Scorpions leaving)

Here’s a big residual smoke puff happening, 30-60 secs after they all left. TC health @ 378. However, it doesn’t match at all with the location or size of the impact puffs I saw the Scorpions making. Plus, residual puffs prior to this were tiny in comparison and more on the ground in that courtyard at the TC’s 6 o’clock region, which is where the Scorpions were firing:

Cyclical puffs resume to their normal position. This is where Scorpion shot impacts had been, too. Still no enemy in area anymore:

Puffs continued for many minutes…probably at least 15 mins, despite never being touched by enemy again. So much time passed, my villagers depleted that gold pile nearby. Here they are beginning repairs. TC health @ 512:

Even while repairing, cyclical Scorpion impact puffs continue, as seen here. TC health around 1750:

TC fully repaired. Puffs continued. 30-60 seconds after full repair, started getting firework confetti (from Spring challenge) and puffs. Also, this is the first fireball explosion seen:

And then it just continues repeating. Confetti, puffs, and explosions:

Hmm, in the replay, the cycle does stop eventually… but much, much later in the game. Here is the moment the cycles stopped. I heard a tick-tick in the audio for some tech I researched, then the puff cycles stopped. Could be a result of the tech being researched, or was just very coincidental timing. I did research Spies very late in the game, I wonder if it was that… even though we were playing on an “All Visible” map.

CONFIRMED! Just re-watched that part of my replay. As soon as Spies/Treason research completed at Castle, that stopped the cycles.


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