[BUG] Useless profanaty filter not working (as always)

Game Version: Update 2020/05/28


The useless profanaty filter works even worst than before the patch.
Pls remove that useless “feature” that nobody ask

Reproduction Steps:

My name is “Kallpa”
My friends name is “Starfire”


There seems to be some kind of solution. It only works one way. You can see everything, but you dont know if others can see everything.

Hopefully this solution will be seen by the devs and implemented into the game.

Or make it at least optional. Something you can turn on and off. The current filter is just stupid.


Should the devs add an option for players to turn on/off the profanity filter in-game?

  • Yes
  • No

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Thanks!!! I will use that guide and suggest to everyone!

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And/or a Parental Control lock options, if parents who let their younger children play are concerned.

Possibly better yet(?), make the chat filter a completely toggleable option for everyone, but have the parental control lock totally prevent the game from playing ANY online multiplayer games. That should help bring parental peace of mind. LAN and Direct IP connect games could still be possible.

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