Bugged Hotkeys

i noticed several small bugs concerning hokeys, mostly related to the Special Buttons of my mouse and localisation of my German keyboard:

-Formations do not work properly with the “Extra Button 1” hotkey. While I can switch to the desired formation to which the hotkey is assigned directly after selecting my units, I cannot switch back to the formation after chosing another. This problem occurs only with Extra button 1, while 2 works fine. It holds for all formations

Here for example, I could not swich back to flank formation using Extra Button 1

EDIT: the “Extra Button 1” hotkey is still unusable. I also noticed that the “stop” command works only occasionally when assigned to this button (I am not sure which rules determine whether it works or not). I tested whether it might be an issue with my mouse but found no issues with this button outside of AOE.
Also none of the combinations of ctrl/alt with the extra buttons work even though shown as available when trying to assign them
Another minor issue is that the combination “ctr alt Extra Button 1” does not work at all.

Also as seen here, the hotkeys for the “<” key (located left to the y on a german keyboard) are not shown at all in the options (see screenshot) while working without issues

I put all of them together in this thread as it seemed a bit silly to create a separate thread for every minor bug I find

EDIT: Also, we need a “select all markets” hotkey -> added in last update. Thanks, DE


Have you tried to re set up your not working hotkeys? Just select the hotkey, select ‘change selected’ and just press the key / mouse button you want. Maybe this can fix your issue.

thanks for the advice! doesn’t work though.

Don’t know if you still need this, but this is something that works.

An answer copied from https://www.reddit.com/r/aoe2/comments/gjro33/another_hotkey_problem_formations/

I just posted the answer in this thread, which is kind of a duplicate of this post: