Bugs found while bughunting

So I went on a bug hunting spree because I didn’t feel like playing the game for realsies, and found the following issues. I’ve marked with (?) the ones I’m unsure are actually issues, but that’s for devs to decide.
I will also be adding issues here as I find them just in case these can be fixed easily. I will group them by civ; If there are any difficulties in getting stuff to repro, get back to me and I can help with some videos if needed.

(Edit) Just read this after posting. I would think that posting this amount of bugs at the same time would be considered spam, but I could make individual threads for each if need be.


  • -Shoving units in rams and rams in transport bug (You can fit the entire population of china in a single transport ship… well, 200 pop of any civ really :D)
    In order to repro, you need to have 11 rams (33 pop), 165 infantry and the boat (2pop). That’s 200pop total. You put the boat on hold position on the shore, rams close-by to the boat and infantry far away. You tell your rams to get on the boat and while they are on the way to board it, you tell your infantry to get in the rams. You will see the boat get to 11 loaded units before the infantry gets there, and stay at 11 after they get in. There is also the option to leave the last ram out, filled with units, and load it after the rams and infantry get in the boat. You will get something like this

  • -Own units getting out of the way for enemy intended buildings (I should be able to simply block it). This can be exploited by blocking scout’s sheep from following him

  • -Placing buildings in fog of war should always be possible, but cancelled upon getting vision of the area or when villager gets to the point of construction and realizing he can’t build them

  • -Units should always come out of a building on the side closest to the rally point (closest to the pathfinding route to the destination that is). This should work the same for ungarrisoning units imo.


  • -Units can build stone walls without landmark ( I mentioned the steps in Delhi Sultanate Construction Bug? - #5 by Anthodeus )
  • -(?) “Efficient Production” also affects research time, not just unit production
  • -Palace of the Sultan creates elephants in 3:20 with no scholars, 1:40 full of scholars and 1:00 if you toggle the creation on and off (with no scholars)
  • -Palace of the Sultan unit toggle icon looks like and mentiones in text “War Elephant”, but Landmark description only refers to Tower War Elephants, as it actually functions
  • -Armored Beasts upgrade mentiones adding +2 armor to both War and Tower War Elephants, but only adds it to War Elephants.
  • -(?) Cannon emplacements for keeps take less time if under the effect of scholars. Outposts don’t behave the same. This is an inconsistency. Is this intended?
  • -You can garrison scholars in a madrasa and delete said madrasa. Scholars that were formerly in the building are killed but they still count to tech speed. Does not work with mosque
  • -(?)The “Assign Scholar Directly” toggle seems kind of worthless. Is there a reason why we can’t just rally the building to itself?

Got it—and very much appreciate the effort. In the future, please make one post per issue…it easier to make sure I don’t miss anything.