Building range indicators are wrong for converted buildings

Thanks for fixing my last building range indicator bug. I love this feature of the game and I have another bug to report.

Game information

  • Game build: 101.101.62085.0
  • Game platform: Steam
  • OS: Windows 10


I was playing the Dos Pilas historical battle the other day and I was surprised to see a my tower not firing at an enemy jaguar warrior who was clearly standing within the building range indicator of the tower. Then I realized that for any building whose ownership has changed, the building range indicator is potentially wrong because it only takes into account the type of building and the techs researched by the owner: it does not take into account the actual range of the specific building. Buildings that change ownership due to a trigger seem to keep the range they had before changing ownership, regardless of the new owner’s techs. (This is probably the same for buildings converted by monks as well.)

Frequency of issue

100% of the time

Reproduction steps

  1. Save converted_bri.aoe2scenario to your Scenarios folder and then open it in the AOE2DE scenario editor.
  2. Click the “Test” button in the menu.
  3. Click on the red watch tower on the right side of the screen and observe that it has a range of 8. (Although red does have bracer, this tower’s ownership was transferred to red using a trigger, so it doesn’t get the same upgrades.)
  4. Turn on the grid and observe that this same tower has a range indicator showing a range of 11 squares. This is wrong: it should show a range of 8 squares to match the tower’s actual range.
  5. Observe that a blue eagle warrior standing inside the range indicator is not under attack (and the tower isn’t attacking anything else).

Expected result

The building range indicator for the right watch tower in this scenario should show a range of 8. In general, the building range indicator code for every type of building should get its range data from the same place that is used to decide whether an enemy is within firing range, instead of trying to calculate this information in some other way using incorrect algorithms.


The tower’s range is shown as 8 but the indicator line is 11 tiles away:

Game files


All converted units maintain the stats they had before conversion, and aren’t affected by new upgrades. The range indicator thing is a bug though.

hey @Elavid570

Thank you for your bug report!
I have reported the issue in our tracking software. :wink:

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