Building sizes (recommendation/opinion)

Hi everyone,

first of all, i really like graphics of the game and i think devs made an amazing work with enviroment, units, effects, ilumination, etc. I’m not of the idea -very common in a lot of users of this forum- that graphics are cartonish. First because the graphics are a perfect balance of realism and gameplay-focused on a RTS (maybe prioritizing this last point). And second, because Age of Empires series never pointed for hiperrealistic graphics and i think that’s perfectly fine.

My only recommendation or complain is that building sizes could be a little bit bigger. Not like a simulation game because that would be completely unpractical and won’t fit with the gameplay and the game (an series) spirit overall.

But, besides all pointed out, i think that game could benefit from buildings 15%-20% bigger than they are in current state of the game. And maybe doors of the buildings 30-40% bigger than now. I think that won’t break game mechanics and, on contrary will give a little more of inmersion

(Sorry for my english)

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