Buildings are destroying lower ground

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this bug exists since the season 2 update. I made a small scenario with a little pit and a keep above the pit for demonstrating reasons. I build a keep above, removed the keep and build it on the same place again (4 times). Everytime i build a keep the ground of pit comes a bit higher to until the pit is gone. Maybe this is happend by fixing the gate bug or something like this? It’s also in standard games. Pit is going higher and higher with every building on it. The impass stays and no unit can walk down. I hope this is not a wished standard behavior and will be fixed soon, because my mod will be unplayable with this behaviour.

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Hey @NTL6062! Are you placing the Keep directly next to this pit?

Hey @SavageEmpire566,

yes, i build it directly next to pit. Here some more pictures:

I think that effect is not only for keeps. If you do build/cancel, build/cancel, … you can completly change the ground before the keep.

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Got it; I figured. I just wanted to make sure it wasn’t a Spearmen-sniper situation where you’d build and have an effect on something across the map :joy:. I appreciate the extra info. We’ll look into it!

What is happening there (and @SavageEmpire566 please keep me honest) is that whenever you place a building, there is an area around it, slightly bigger than the building foundations where the terrain gets flattened so the building doesn’t clip the ground. You can see this happen when you place a building on an incline or hill for example.

With every subsequent keep you build so close to your pit, you are forcing that terrain to flatten until there’s no more pit left. I would say this is expected behavior.

If buildings didn’t do this at all they would horribly clip uneven terrain and I think the reason why the flattening area is slightly bigger than the building is to create a smooth transition, not a harsh cut off. From your screenshots it looks like the area extends about 3 tiles outwards.

Do another experiment: make your pit bigger so that a keep fits tightly inside it. Now put a keep down there. The higher sides of the pit should begin leveling down the more times you repeat placing that keep.

I think this behaviour is new and is not expected behaviour. Let me show you two examples from Hill and Dale. First example i build a wonder above and canceled it many times. I can do this, becaus if i cancel i get all my resources back:

and here an example where i build the wonder below, also on Hill and Dale (stones flying in the air :D):

Hi @SavageEmpire566,

did the dev team checked this out? Does this remain part of the game or will it be fixed? If it gets fixed, any idea when that will be? If it is not to be fixed, can I use a script or tuning pack to prevent this effect for the keep?

Thanks for your support.

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This is definitely being looked into, but no progress has been made yet.