Buildings under construction show their true form when deleted

Game Version:

  • Build: 38862
  • Platform: Steam
  • Operating System: Windows 10


Buildings under construction show their true form when destroyed/deleted.
Happens to ALL structures, from buildings, to walls, to towers… Even wonders.

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Set a Villager to construct any building.
  2. Stop the Villager before it reaches the building.
  3. Select and delete the building.


Note that although not all buildings show their full appearance when deleted in these GIFs, that’s only because images lost some frames. In-game, it is possible to see this issue even with 30 FPS being locked in the settings menu.
ezgif-3-c242ad017a3d2 3 4


Thanks for the report SlenderBadger98!
This is now being tracked :slight_smile:


Its a realy old buck :wink:


I feel amazed and refreshed by this renewed interest you guys are giving to this game and its community! Please, continue the good work! I hope for more great content in the future!


Indeed. AoE (series) was always the best RTS game but lacked a good support ( new patchs, bug fixes, listen to community feedback, tournaments), unlike Blizzard.

I love that AoE Devs are paying atention to the players.


This bug still happens in build 46777.

It’s still happens since 1997.

I don’t recall it happening before update 38862, when I first bought the game.

What shall I say? :sweat_smile:

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A bug here and there, and we got plenty without even realizing. There are aesthetical ones and then those that affect gameplay. This one affects both.
Build 46777 has been received with love by me, though I would appreciate more frequent patches.