Buy Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition - The Complete Histor

This mod pack describes all the dlc of aoe3de, aren’t we getting any new dlc?


That would be a real disappointment. :disappointed:
I hope it’s just a compilation and not a statement of intent.


i hope they reveal their plans for the future on october 25th, instead of leaving us in this uncertainty


Ohh Damn.

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complete history, eu acho que não haverá mais conteúdo pra o jogo apenas atualizações

It’s just a bundle, they can update it to include new dlc and increase the price. We only just got the latest dlc so it will be awhile.


then why doesn’t aoe2 have the same bundle?

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Who knows? Perhaps they have way more DLC so it’s unlikely people would buy it all at once.

Currently aoe2 DE has 3 expansions while aoe3 DE has 2 expansions + 2 dlc civs (mexico and usa). It’s almost the same


Yeah , I think we need a clear cut answer: is there going to be new content for the game or this is it? The uncertainty and lack of news is hurting numbers and morale


Well they never officially announced end of support for AOE1DE so…


If this is last… damn they REALLY hate Asia don’t they… no new civ even for DE…


My Persian, Siam and Korean dreams on the edge now :frowning:


We don’t have a roadmap for future plans, but we do have a literal map that’s unfinished. We can see loading screen maps like Muscovy and Iceland that still aren’t available to play. I don’t see them ending support before those are finished.


Those are more likely to be included in regular updates. Not new DLCs.

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If no more DLC is on the horizon my hypothesis is Microsoft reallocated the AoE3DE FE team to work on AoEIV.

Man that would be so bad if no more DLC for AOE 3 DE, this game has more civs to add than AoE 2 tbh. Any official statement from FE would be great though.

Realmente espero que no sea el fin de las new civ. ya que parece que se va a empezar a reducir el contenido, y solo capaz tengamos rework de las civ que faltan cada 2 mese.

Bueno creo que es un buen momento para pasarse al 4, las 2 new civ atraen mucho, con ese toque age3

Don’t worry, the FE team actually likes Asia, and there will be new dlcs

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They don’t hate Asia, but like Asia, because they decided to release it in the new DLC, which means it won’t end early this year, and they will definitely end in 2025

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