Byzantine civilization concept

As many of us wants to see the Byzantines appear in Age of Empires IV, I decided that I would also make a concept about it. Here’s what I made and another reason I did this thread is because I disagreed with some parts of an already existing thread about the Byzantine Empire. So, I made this to put in my ideas.

Proposed flags:

The Byzantines are a civilization that continues the Roman Empire in the eastern provinces. It spams the years 475 - 1453 and ruled over the various territories within the eastern parts of Europe. The Byzantine rulers had a strong military and built the Theodosian wall, a unique building. The Byzantines continued the use of the Cataphract, a unique cavalry unit.

Civilization Bonuses

  • Buildings (excluding Landmarks and Walls) have +60% hitpoints
  • Barracks and Keeps are 50% cheaper
  • Spearman upgrades are researched 15% faster
  • Advancing in age is 20% cheaper but 10% slower

Unique Units

  • Excubitor - Unique infantry unit that replaces the Man-At-Arms
  • Varangian Guard - Unique medium infantry unit that’s available at the Barracks
  • Cataphract - Unique cavalry unit that replaces the Knight
  • Dromon - Unique warship

Unique Buildings

  • Theodosian Wall - Unique defensive structure that replaces the Stone Wall

Unique Technologies

  • Domestic of the Schools - Excubitors are 10% faster
  • Hetaireia - Varangian Guards have +2 melee armor
  • Aristocracy - Excubitors and Varangian Guards are created 15% faster
  • Ecumenical Council - Monks heal 100% faster
  • Greek Fire - Dromon can deploy a flamethrower
  • Fortified Defenses - Palisade Walls and Theodosian Walls receive +35% HP
  • Palaiologan Army - Killed military units return 50% of resources

See this thread about them because the person who made this thread has better ideas about the Landmarks than me: The Byzantine Empire Speculation - Age of Empires IV / IV - Discussion - Age of Empires Forum

Hagia Sophia


For more useful ideas with how the Byzantines could look like. Click on the link to the thread that’s under the Landmarks section.


Thanks for the Landmarks mention : )
About the tech I like that you mentioned some things that I omitted, such as the ecumenical councils, if the Byzantines did anything, it was to try to unify the faith and develop theology, which is why it is an important technology. Maybe I’m more into putting a little more Greek fire, but implementing it in the drones wouldn’t be bad at all.


Many topics are already wrote and more documented, you should merge your ideas into them rather than post a half concept :slight_smile:

I would really love to do that because merging with them is a good idea to do but I need some people to do that with me. I wonder how the merging works?

Unique units:

I would make Varangian Guard elite infontry, superior and more expensive than generic man at arms

cataphract, replacing knight

Fire ship - ship with greek fire

Unique man at arms is not need, maybe unique technologies like HRE has, but unique look is a must, same with drom

Unique tech for archers - improved armor and melee attack - I took inspiration from Total War Medieval 2, where Byzantines have unique Trebizond archers, which work as hybrid unit, archers, who can fight effectively in melee combat

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You have good ideas like giving the Byzantines, the Trebizond Archers, which can replace the regular Archer unit. Now I disagree with the Fire Ship unit with Greek Fire because I prefer that Dromon is the unique ship and Greek Fire being a technology that enables the Greek Fire on the Dromon.