Byzantines Buff

Byzantines don’t need any buffs.


Id say Byz could use a small buff. Not a civ Id pick but I always found it weird that they don’t get Town Patrol for free but only Town Watch.

Or if one wants to buff their earlygame, it is possible to give them something as simple as military buildings costing 20% less so they save 35 resources on initial barracks and another 35/70 early feudal.

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What does BBT stand for?

That is a great idea.

Please read history; it would be accurate for both Byzantines and Aztecs to have extra gold. Though 250 gold does sound like too much to me.

Reduced Pallisade walls would make sense as the Romans loved building those in ancient times. The reduced cost stone walls would really only help their later game. The build speed buff on walls would make historical sense.

That would make a lot of sense too as in the “dark ages” the Byzantines already had the most populated city in the world (along with many other cities) which inevitably included many military buildings.

I didn’t wrote anything about Byzantines Gold, they were rich. But using already used bonuses nonsense. History important but balance and unique bonuses important too. This is just a game.

Yes Aztecs have all of them, copying gold bonus makes that bonus not-unique.

I am not sure what they will gonna do with that stone in dark age, this bonus going to be interesting because you can tower or sell at market or place more TC’s in Castle Age. I liked it.

Outposts? Douching??

Outpost a little bit too situational but TC drop with +%10 hp makes it reliable. But no TC can’t reach their master, Persian TC.

(To others:) Adding mercenaries changes game a lot so maybe in AoE 4.

Let’s just make the Cataphracts cheaper, and actually worth their price for once, and call it a day. I have always believed Cataphracts should be the food heavy Heavy cavalry, considering their aabysmal Pierce Armor, which is lower than even trash cavalry.

Cataphracts cost down to 80F 60G from 70F 75G

And then remember there is the Leitis, a unit with 21 base attack with ZERO RELICS costs only 70F 50G and currently still has +1 PA over Catas, and don’t need an expensive UT to do their job properly.


A buff for the byz,

Walls are build 50% faster or

Cheaper repairs cost and faster repairs tome or

Buildings cost a 10% less wood and stone


The reduced stone walls would help from feudal, I consider that to be early game still - and the reduced cost in pallisades would have the same effect for dark age and possibly into feudal - depends on the build order

let’s ignore that the cataphract has built in resistance, does 12 bonus damage to all infantry, and attacks 10% faster (actually more) then the leitis,

is getting nerfed by all accounts, and no, they just rarely see use in the current meta. and frankly, catas don’t need an expensive unique tech to do their job either, the UT just puts them over the top.
even without the UT the cataphract still has - 150 hp, 14 base attack fully upgraded, 12 bonus damage to all infantry, 16 resistance to anti cavalry damage, and attacks faster then any cavalry in the game, short of stirrups cavalry.

I actually think they need to be gold heavy as their counters are heavy cav and archers which is where the Byz cost reductions for skirmishers / pikemen come in. The Byzantines cover their weaknesses super well and have a pretty low requirement for gold except for catas

If the goal is to see more cataphracts, then I think you could reduce their training time and as compensation just remove paladin from their tech tree. Paladins for them are pretty useless considering no bloodlines / blast furnace

Yes this can be a good idea, defensive civ, they can build an extra tower or two early game using the extra stones.

Bombard Tower. But that’s for late game.

Yes I always wonder since AoK E.Cataphract seems redundant to having Paladin too since both of them are heavily armoured cavalries. Indeed Cataphract needs to be buffed as there’s 35 civs now.

Giving them bloodlines seems a bit too OP, maybe giving them Cavalry units or Stable units +1 pierce armour in the Castle Age and +1 in the Imperial Age like Teutons since both of them are defensive civs.

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Either way we are on the same page
Cataphract, the unit needs buff as well, not just the Elite upgrade.

Free Town Patrol is nice.
But I think give +2LOS for all building is also good. It also give bonus on Dark/Feudal age and if Byzantines research town patrol, they have longest LOS except Ethiopian Outpost/Tower. (And definitely not overpower bonus)

  • Dev-teams nerf tower rush potential of korean. Adding extra free stone to byz will make them a new tower rush civ…
  • Pierce armor to ligth cav? For one of the best civ in trash figth? Actually they can’t use ligth cav properly now, with this buff, they could. Big nope for me. And paladin with +2 pa in imp even without bloodlines seems too broken in some matchup

Depending on the ammount of stone

25 extra stone could help for one tower against tower rushing, and still they would be enough stone for one TC in castle age.
Byzantines doesnt get any advantages for villager while trushing (koreans have better LOS and inca get armor). Their only one trushing bonus are extra HP for towers.

25 extra stone is also useful for dark age outposts.

Another option could be to give them free stone shating upgrades, provided they need a buff.

Free stone upgrades come intoplay after feudal, so it is less useful for setting up a tower rush (although it helps to recover your spent stone after a tower rush)

Good point. Either buff of giving extra stones or buff on Cavalries is good.

It’s weird to have Leitis +4 isn’t OP but having +2 on Paladin is…lmao

If +2 pierce armour in Imp is too much then perhaps +1 pierce armour on Cavalries from Feudal onward is better.

it’s clearly not the same…
+4 attack relic dependent is clearly different from +2 PA for free…
IF a lith gets 4 relics in one of your games, you clearly failed something. i won’t deny it’s a very (too?) strong bonus but you’re compairing two different thing.
9PA paladin is something stupid.

And even in castle age, +1pa on knigth is broken. it would dive TC with ease.


This is like both Malians and Incas bonus. Buffing repairing interesting idea. Maybe with repair faster can be better.

Better cheaper repairing than faster one.

Byzantines buildings cost more to repair because extra hp, although they are repaired at the same rate (with same cost by second, but with extra repairing seconds)

With faster repairing, would be difficult for byzantine player to manage his stone savings because they would deplete faster. Also, during early aggresion, it would be impossible for enemy to break a wall with villagers behind.

Cheaper sounds more balanced for these reasons.