Byzantines Buff

Not completely true.
Building repair cost is based on the % health of the building.
It takes if I recall 25% of tge initial cost to repair from 1 to full

In that case, since byzantines buildings have more health but same cost, the total repairing cost should be the same, but since the repairing speed is fixed, the repairing cost by second is lesser, although they remain more seconds repairing a more damage building.

Sounds balanced because enemies also have to take more time to damage those buildings because extra hp (not considering armor)

50% iirc, not 25%.
25% for 1 to full is SC2 ratio.
Fun fact, SC2 repair also happens way faster than AOE2 repair.

Hm, depends on what you compare it with. A villager can outrepair half a feudal army, an SCV can usually repair 2-3 units. Its a bit difficult to compare since AOE2 has siege, SC2 doesnt really.

On sc2 you can repair mechanical units, can’t repair biological units (medic heals them) so I think we need to compare like that if we really want to;

Monk healing - Medic

Villager Repair (buildings and siege) - SCV (worker) Repair (buildings and mechanical units)

To me, monks mustn’t await 3 seconds to heal other unit.

No it won’t, it would be on pair with a cavalier, which already takes a lot arrows, and in late castle/post imp fights (when cataprhacts are usually seen) you can’t anymore focus fire, you use the patrol command.

Plus, catas have trample damage, they would literally shread archers to pieces by surviving more time.

So cataprhacts would become a cav that cannot be countered if not by paladins, and only 9 civs have Paladins.

Just because you don’t like to use them it doesn’t mean that they are bad, the meta is that after the gold runs out, it’s trash time.
Which means that you have to be extremely careful with you gold units, and that kind of decision making is what makes the game interesting, otherwise if you could just spam gold units all the time it would be boring…

Yeah, weakness of archers and stable cavalry, and cost much more expensive than any other strong UU cavalry.

I also don’t focus on spamming gold units; I focus on careful play that tends to keep my gold units alive and sustains the resources to a point that everything is used slowly

I am not sure if byzantines need a buff. Several civs will be buffed, maybe the will enter the bottom tier… let us see…

You mean the Indians tier? as it will be called from now on till the end of time? :grinning:

I think they need a decent replacement for the fireship upgrade. I just never use it. Why? Because in ranked, at least at my ELO (which is 1600-1800), you almost never play on a water map. The current fireship tech is just a wasted slot which should be moved from the castle to the harbor and then add a decent land-related tech to the castle.

It is still more used than Atheism.

Also, beware what you wish for…

koreans water UT, which was never used like byzantines one, is going to be removed and replaced for… one of their current tower bonus (which is erased) ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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It is very likely that they just moved the speed bonus to the base unit stats instead of locking it behind a tech.

True, but still, their towers are nerfed… Unless they buffed tower stats for everyone ( i dont think so)

The Indian/Italian tier, of the civs for one map only 11

Byzantine may get the UT becoming a default bonus from castle age imo…

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There’s an easy, historically thematic and very interesting change that can be done to make Byzantines Great Again… at least in 1on1 and maybe 2on2 games.

Move the(ir) Monastery to Feudal.

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Way too powerful. What do you do vs a monk/spearrush?

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Scout/skirm or scout/archer, or just pure archers or scouts? I don’t think monks are particularly good against any Feudal military units. Or was your plan to use monks to snipe the woodlines?

Feudal monks could be great to defend against FC Knights, or to Mess with Lithuanians. Likely too good for that latter purpose.

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I think the problem is that monks kill vills very fast - no other feudal unit can really do it. If you forward the monastry and get 2 conversions before he has the archers to kill the monks, thats a 4 vill difference already in early feudal. even if you lose the monks after that, you are ahead.

However, this is all very theoretical as i have never seen a feudal monk rush obviously :smiley: i kinda like the idea, but i think it would be very hard to balance. Maybe unlock the feudal monstry only after a market is built?

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There is a big flaw in this bonus, which is that bizzantines would automatically wins any relic war by getting them an age earlier.