Byzantines should get fortified walls for free

byzantines should get fortified walls for free.

fits into their scheme.

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Or they can get masonry and architecture for free with a nerf in hp bonus

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Neither of these are needed. Byzantines are fine as they are.


A useless bonus really
Whether it’s free or not won’t matter because it’s really cheap and in Imperial Age you should have more than enough resources already to pick it up if you have walls.

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What they should get for free, is Town Watch, because getting just Town Patrol for free, is annoying.
No one researches Town Watch anyway.


You mixed up town watch and town patrol


Agree. Yesterday Town Patrol saves me during the last enemy push (I could see a onager ready for my skirms at distance so I could snipe it with 2 BBC that were a bit far from there).

I was Portuguese btw, so I researched it because I have several feitorias across the map and had lots of resources…

I don’t think getting Fortified walls for free is necessary. This is because their HP bonus affects walls, gates and farms also, which are unaffected by Masonry/Architecture.

I stated this before but I think Byzantines should get the old “fortified palisade tech” back that got removed from the game.
This makes it easier for them to play defensively and place stonewalls behind the palisades.

Right know Byzantines are good on hybrid maps but mediocre on other maps.
I think this could benefit the civ on maps like Hideout and Oasis. Especially in 3v3 Teamgames it could be a Strategy to have a defensive Byzantine Flank and an offensive flank on the other side that is trying to push fast with the help of the pocket…

Where does the strange idea that the civ that gets more HP on its building for free needs even more defenses to be good come from?



It’s quite an important technology to have in certain maps and situations, not merely a fitting tech to have because they’re a “defensive civilization”. Their walls are already inherently stronger and they don’t need a buff.


Sip, me gusta esa propuesta :slight_smile: