Camel archer attack bonus vs cavalry?

Another one to make people angry…
Camel archer should get +1 vs cavalry.

Berbers are great but they aren’t S tier, a small buff might push them up there?

Why dont camel archers get an attack bonus vs cavalry? Does the camel suddenly stop scaring horses because it has an archer instead of a swordsman on its back?

I think all races should be balanced and instead of nerfing A and S tier like mongols and Britons we buff everyone else up to that level. Thus i think the minor anti cav bonus might be ok in the greater scheme of balance.

personally Berbers have plenty of options against Cavalry play.

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Never said they didn’t…

so if you honestly think they need a buff, find something that suits em better and help there

I like this idea. I think it wouldn’t be broken, but my impression is that devs are scared by ranged anti cavalry.

The italian genoese crossbowman is supposed to do that, but in practice it is unplayable, high cost, less range and infinite training time.

I wouldn’t like to have a nerf of camel archers to get extra attack vs cavalry.

However, if this comes for free, I am fine :slightly_smiling_face:


honestly i’m surprised berbers are so low overall.
great eco, great eco bonus, solid open tech tree, solid unique units.


Was thinking they could bolt it to maghrabi tech if anything and keep it to +1 initially… Im busy atm so haven’t checked the math.

They were top pick in kotd1

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Camel archers already have 12 attack, does a unit with 80 HP, 4/5 armor, 1.4 speed needs to have even more damage output ? s

Camel archers are already a powerhouse unit. +1 attack is +20% damage vs paladins, that’d be completely broken. For reference 13 attack, even if it’s just cavalry, would give them the same dps as mangudais vs paladin, all while being more durable and versatile than mangudais.

If Berbers have a problem it’s because their early game is fairly generic until castle age. Buffing camel archers would just make them stronger where they are already strong while ignoring the actual weakness.


Because that speed bonus isnt as significant to the eco as you and a lot of people think. Apparently it does incredibly little overall from reddit articles.

Although the cav bonus us great of course.

i didn’t know saving 15 to 20% on all your cavalry was considered very little overall.

yeah thats about where i would identify their weakness as well. they don’t get any eco bonus until castle age that matters.



what if they changed the eco bonus to 10% faster movement and carry?


My article didn’t start off by saying “here’s one the usual crowd will like”

I knew this would upset people because yall so resistant anything that challenges the existing meta. But yall probably think it’s great to have top and bottom tier factions…

I never said berbers shouldn’t get earlier buffs as well. Im just talking about giving the maggy more use vs cav heavy factions. It’s still an expensive castle built cav archer…

But heck give berbers an earlier game buff then some “light” like 50 extra stone (since yall only want changes that are purely unique)

i’m definitely not against shaking up the meta, on the other hand i don’t want the game to become FotM type stuff.
besides, short of completely reworking Mayans, Mongols, Aztecs, and Franks, i don’t think there is much you can do to make them LESS Popular without completely gutting the civs winrates.

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I don’t think the eco bonus should necessarily be changed. Though I guess +10% speed and carry would be alright.

What I prefer for Berbers is to extend the cavalry discount to feudal with -10%, which would help with scouts. Yes it’s a partial overlap with Magyars scout discount, but Magyars have the higher discount with 15% + free attack, so to me it would be distinct enough.


this is also a good option. and yeah, i said 10% because its not a HUGE buff, just a little extra umph. frankly the current 10% movement doesn’t provide much.


Yeah i definitely don’t want to nerf the top guys just buff everyone els up to their level. I know it will be super tough to do that and keep balance, i was just like “it’s a camel that has no bonus vs cavalry?? Every game in the world gives camels a buff vs cav” (exaggerating)

wouldn’t do anything except power creep the game. by the time you got the lowest civ up to the top civs levels, someone else would have fallen behind and would need to be buffed up again and you’d just create an endless cycle.

Also think its a great idea and keeps with their current theme.

The 10% increased carry rate might snowball? Although it is very minor… It at least gives berbers diversity to tech into something besides cav early game… Meaning they won’t be as predictable?


even in imp it would only end up with a net of +2 (or 3 depending on math) from the current 20. aztecs get +5

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