Camels go invisible on Multiplayer game after researching Heavy Camels

Game Version:

  • Build (36202)
  • Platform (Steam)


Hello there,

in my last multiplayer game of AoE 2 DE, i had the following error for the first time, but it destroyed the game for me. I had an army of camels build up, which simply disappeared from my screen. I couldn’t select them, nor see or select camels i created afterwards. Every other unit was fine though(could be seen and selected). My teammate could still watch them on his screen(he pings they’re position on the second screenshot).
After watching the replay, i figured that they visually disappeared after researching the tech “Heavy camels”.

Reproduction Steps:

I dont know what caused this bug but i would be interested if any of you guys have met the same issue.

This forum is for aoe 1 de bro

Allright I changed it.

“Invisible camels” upgrade

I had the same issue with knights in another game. They were invisible staight away in castle age. Is this a problem of my hardware or AoE related?

The Error didn’t appear for some time now. I guess they fixed it in one of the last patches.