CAMERA SETTINGS the solution?

For you guys the game camera have good settings for an RTS?

The cameras that were featured in the April trailers seem to be a little farther off the ground. Having this ZOOM OPTION available in the settings would even be an easier solution to solve the criticisms of the cartoon model of the units, besides making the game more similar to competitive RTS games like starcraft 2 and AoE2.

When something is seen from afar the detail becomes more irrelevant, and it even makes sense to be as large as the strings on AoE2’s projectile weapons are made.
Look at this example of the Genoese Crossbowman, this rope IS HUGE, but in the game look’s great!


Also we can talk about the isometric camera, it is this camera as if it were from a more distant satellite where you see everything with the same perspective. I’m an AoE2 player and believe it’s much easier to understand the game when all the units in your field of view are in the same perspective.

In AoE 4 I notice that it has a very wide-angle camera,
I don’t know if implementing this type of camera option is something very difficult to do at the point where the game is. But I believe that for this kind of games it is possible to make isometric 3D like the examples below:

Iron Havest

Starcraft 2

With this configuration each player can adapt better in the way they prefer, whether it is an AoE3 player who prefers to see the troops in 3d or an AoE2 player who prefers the charm that the isometric provides.

What do you think of this solution?
Let’s talk about it!


We haven’t seen any actual gameplay. I doubt the camera will be like what is shown in these weird trailers. Could be much more zoomed in or further out.


I would like to tell you more, but alas, the NDA will not allow testers to disclose any information. I can only say that in my opinion everything is fine.


It really is okay. Unfortunately, we cannot debate the test more openly. I just keep thinking about things that would make me enjoy the game more. Do you have a preference for a camera?

Not okay, absolutely not.


The only thing I could say is that the camera should provide a good gameplay for people with different monitors. As this forum shows, some people are far from the most expensive PCs, and therefore not the largest and best monitors. The game should look comfortable on small monitors as well.


What is not? Personally, the camera tripled me, that’s just my feelings, as I said. Are you trying to tell me that I’m kidding myself? )

Once again, people with small monitors may have problems, for their comfort, of course, some changes may be made.

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In a medium monitor with resolution 1920x1080 it is ok. But in a big monitor with resolution 3840x2160 it is not ok having the same view as in a lot smaller monitor. It is like you play the game in a 1920x1080 monitor with resolution 960x540.

I am sure they will fix it, because in big monitor now the view is really bad, and when I say really I mean it. It is an obvious wrong behavior of the camera, so I am sure they will be fixed.

PS: Try play any game in a 1920x1080 resolution monitor with resolution 960x540 to understand how bad it is.


I agree with you that there are many variables, I think about this issue of meeting all monitor variants, that’s why I’m suggesting an option in the settings, as well as in AoE2, but does what is shown on the screen impact as much as performance ?

I’ve discussed this in other sections of the forum.
A lot of reviews have been collected regarding the camera on non-standard monitors, after all, 2k and 4k monitors are not mainstream monitors, most people use FHD monitors. Since some feedback has been collected, the developers will take action. The fact is that this topic is very close to the NDA, it is very difficult to discuss the position of the camera without screenshots taken by different people with different monitors. The only thing we can say is that perhaps not all people with non-standard monitors may find it comfortable to play, and the developers will do something about it.

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Usually big monitors with big resolutions have the gaming PCs. Right now in my gaming PC with

16 cores CPU each with 2700GH
32G RAM,
ATI Radeon 580 (8Giga) etc,

practically the game is unplayable because of the resolution (It has a very big camera). Obviously the resolution will be a setting like in each other game. Right now there is no resolution. Every monitor shows the same view regardless how big it is.

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I completely agree with you, I played closed beta and the camera distance was a big let down. I hope in the release you can tweak the camera distance as it suits your preferences.

For some misinformed out there, screen space resolution has nothing to do with the camera position draw distance for 3D rendering engines which is the case of AoE4.


It would be awesome if you could tweak the FoV (field of view) and in this case position the camera even farther away to further reduce perspective distortion. Or alternatively increase the camera near field of view frustum width.

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IMO the game camera is wayyyyyy to close to the action , must be at least 2 options to far away the camera zoom .


Exactly! You understand what I mean. Button to adjust the FOV, perfect!

Maybe like this in AoE2

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I won’t pretend I understand much of what you’re saying here, but I understand enough to know that I fully support it.
I won’t get into any details due to NDA, but I’ll say that if there aren’t adjustments regarding this subject in the final release, I’ll be disappointed. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still enjoy the game very much, but everything is certainly not fine.


Just to saw how important is to be able to see more part of a map, I will saw a picture of Supreme Commander if you zoom out a lot. ( You can zoom out as you want, but from one point you start see the terrain as a giant mini-map in all your screen where each unit has each icon etc and from the other hand in AoE4 even in big monitors, the max zoom out if you are on hills is practically 2-3 buildings one near the other. And this might be ok in a small-medium monitor, but in a big monitor it is something that has to change.

In this point of view within seconds you can recognise each unit in all the map that is covered by the radars.

And we are not speaking for something like this. But we are speaking that you have to zoom out more or be able to change via settings.

PS: This image is in small resolution. In the game even in small monitors you can detect easily each unit.


it’s awesome.
But here devs took out the micro out of the game and made focus on strategy, without giving the tools to play macro.


I agree we need a little more zoom. Monitor size is totally irrelevant though.

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Bollocks. Played it on a 32 inch monitor with 2k resolution and it looked fine.