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Hello everyone,
I have written to the developers of the game, FORGOTTEN EMPIRES, and they told me they have no plans to do a DLC campaign as of now but I could maybe gather support here and Microsoft may listen. I know many of you only play multiplayer but I am sure also many of you love the campaigns as much as I do¡
I believe there is thousands of topics that can be covered by campaigns such as a proper chinese campaign, a Lithuanian-teutonic campaign, Kievan Rus wars, Castilian Civil wars, English Baron´s wars,and a large etc(these are just examples I know there are many others)
Basically I would just like you to post here whatever you have in mind about a campaign DLC so that Microsoft sees there is a community behind who wants more campaigns¡
Please dont just comment that you dont play campaigns or that you dont want to pay for a DLC, campaigns take time and time costs money, I would also love them for free but as of now a DLC would be great


I very much enjoy campaigns and definitely would buy any DLCs that added them. I enjoy going back and replaying the campaigns for all 3 of the AoE games every year or two after the scenarios and maps details fade some from memory.


Might want to check the Eight New Campaigns post.

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This! ^^^^
Found here:

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I did post the link, but thanks anyways.

Thanks @ZenZzyzx and @ArshiaAghaei but I have already played all those 8 that is why I suggested this campaign DLC to see if Microsoft would listen to us¡