Eight New Campaigns by Filthydelphia (FE Campaign Designer)

Hey guys, I’m one of the campaign designers on the Forgotten Empires team. I made the Almeida, Bayinnaung, Ivaylo, and the remade Sforza and Prithviraj campaigns! If you’ve played custom campaigns in HD, you probably played my Ragnar’s Raids, Rise of the Khmer, and Last Neanderthal scenarios.

I’ve now uploaded (8) new custom scenarios to ageofempires.com! You can:

You can check them out in-game by clicking Mods, going to Browse Mods, and filtering for Campaigns. You’ll see them right away. While you’re there, be sure to check out fellow FE designer Bassi’s three-scenario epic, The Golden Horde.

And my little promo shot up there has space for one more scenario or campaign! Let me know in the comments if there’s a 9th campaign you would like to see!

Thanks, guys, and I look forward to hearing from you!


Woah, this was totally unexpected and awesome!

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Just finished the Norway campaign. Very fun scenario. Cute easter egg homage to The Lost Vikings as well :slight_smile:


This seems impossible :open_mouth:
How did you had energy, time and inspiration to create all these varied scenarios?
Anyways, now I will probably never finish playing all the DE campaign content, because new content comes quicker than I can play through it :smiley:

I have thought, that story of Basil I would be interesting to play through. He rised from peasant to Byzantine emperor through calculated murders and followed this up with successful reign including wars. Although you might not want to use this story, because you are already making a scenario about another Byzantine emperor.


Could you make one on the rise of the Chola Empire?

What a crazy speed! My campaigns are 1% yet.:scream:

Is it supposed to be so that in “Blood for the Serpent God” farms near mill are unworkable? They seem to be only farm textures, not real farms. This seems very misleading for me.

Also does anyone know where I can comment about campaigns or other mods? I don’t even know where to report possible bugs or suggestions :slightly_frowning_face:

The Seljuk campaign is awesome!


wow this is pretty cool! thanks!

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Is this exclusive to AoE2:DE, or does it work for HD version, too?

Thanks, Fr0GGY73RRy! As a fan of Blizzard games, I couldn’t resist incorporating those guys somewhere! Glad to know I’m not the only one so old to remember them!

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I’ll consolidate my posts to keep the thread less cluttered.

Great idea on Basil I (his namesake Basil II was also really interesting), but you’re right that the overlap with Alexios Komnenos (himself someone who seized power) might be too much. For the type of scenario I am making, Alexios is a better fit. Stay tuned for that one!

On your other post about the farms in Blood for the Serpent God , sorry if that was confusing for you! I just thought using the farm terrain (as opposed to the building) would give it a nicer appearance. You can always build farms on those farm textures.

This is an interesting idea and the Indian subcontinent, Sri Lanka, and SE Asia provides a unique geography that I think can make fun gameplay. I’ll think about this some more!

Thank you! Did you like the nomadic aspects? Were you able to complete all the ambitions of each warlord?

Yes, these custom campaigns will only work in the DE version. They use new civs, units, terrains, and triggers only available in DE.


Hi Philly, Yes, the nomadic aspect came through expertly. I only wish wish there was a Eastern Archer unit in the editor which could be used in place of crossbowmen (like how the eastern swordsman is used in place of longswordsmen). The movement of cavalry armies across the map is excellent too.

Looking forward to your Chola Empire rise campaign. It would be interesting with massive temple cities, war/battle elephants galore, maritime trade and jungle battles and naval armadas clashing.

i know its the early days of DE release, and there is ALOOOT more important things to focus and put your resources on
but i really really hope after like a year or 2, you guys start adding new campaigns to the “campaigns” section of the game for the civs that dont have one yet, with complete voice acting like other campaigns, even as several DLCs. i would gladly pay for campgain DLCs and im sure lots of other people would do it too
there is alot of great civs that dont have it yet, and the single mission campaigns for the great civs like persians or japenese or turks, altho being well made and entertaining, doesnt really satisfy the players in comparison of the 5-6-7 mission campgains .
i will also post this request on its own topic later, but i wanted to know what do you think about it as an official campaign designer for DE @PhillySouljah


Will there be localized translations in the campaign? I am very interested in Journey to the West and the Three Kingdoms, but my English is not very good and I need to spend a lot of time in my heart.

No, I’m sorry. I don’t know any other languages besides English so cannot translate.

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Kind’ve a noob question, but how do you download these? I went to ageofempires.com where I see that I’m logged in. Searched for them. But when clicking them, there’s no download button or link that I can see…

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You should be able to subscribe from this website and have it downloaded when you next start the game. Alternatively, just start the game and go to “Mods” on the Main Menu. Then go to Browse Mods and filter for Campaigns. You should see them there.


Ahh, excellent! Thank you! I’m excited to try them.

I think the Mods area on the ageofempires.com could probably use some improvement :smiley: I had looked at your campaign description pages and the Mods search results page a few times as I tried to find a ‘download’ link before finally noticing a little button titled, “Download & Install Instructions” on the browse mods page. That page misleadingly says, “Navigate to the Detail page for the scenario you wish to download, and click on the Download button.” At that point, I posted my message here :slight_smile:

I thought “subscribe” would be to subscribe to you as a Mod author and maybe see news updates from you or something (like a YouTube subscription); I wouldn’t have thought to click that as part of a download process. Seems like strange naming, from my perspective anyways.

I also just now noticed that the instructions page actually says it’s instructions for AoE:DE. It might need to have a new AoE2:DE section, since what you just told me, PhillySouljah, is a lot easier; and I don’t even know if the AoE:DE instructions apply at all to AoE2:DE :slight_smile:

In the end, I used the in-game mod downloader… errr… subscriber tool. I then fumbled my way over to the custom campaign area and I see the lovely map for the Francis Drake campaign. Looking forward to it!


Hey guys, just wanted to give an update that my next scenario, Komnenos - The Byzantine Restoration will be coming out soon!

Here’s a little preview:

Can a dying empire be saved?

The Roman Empire is collapsing, plagued by internal power struggles, rebellions, and foreign invasions. As Alexios Komnenos, seize the throne from a failed emperor, fight the Turks and Normans to expand your realm, and fend off pretenders and rebels with their own aspirations for your crown.


  • Unique hybrid Fixed Force/Build & Destroy gameplay
  • Re-capture lost Byzantine lands from Turkish horsemen, Norman knights, and Pecheneg nomads
  • Carefully manage your legitimacy to ward off rebellions and forestall scandals
  • Receive missions from a cast of courtiers to re-build the empire