Campaign Page hints at an Eastern Europe Expansion. Thoughts?

Creating a ‘W. Europe’ tab obviously points to Eastern Europe as the most likely DLC for the game.

This of course means breaking down the Slavs into many more civs. My speculation is here: 'Bulwarks of Christendom' DLC Suggestion

Do you think we are getting an Eastern Europe DLC next? Or is it just random co-incidence?


Well it’s just because they didn’t have room on the full European map so they just did it the lazy way and added a tab.

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I’m surprised that the devs didn’t move William Wallace higher into Scotland and Edward Longshanks into England. Grand Dukes could be put in the Low Countries or where Burgundy is. The Hautevilles could have been put on the African map where Sicily is.

I think they could make two maps:

W. Europe & E. Europe to split this way:

W. Europe:
El Cid
Edward Longshanks
Grand Dukes
Joan of Arc
William Wallace

E. Europe:
Vlad Dracula
the ones that will come with the Lords of the East DLC

There’s a big gap in the following areas:
Duchy of Lithuania
Russian Principalities
Yugoslav Balkans
Bohemia, Moravia, Slovakia

This makes me think that the devs will really make some campaigns for those areas. Plus civs for Poles & Bohemians & maybe one of the South Slavs from either Croats or Serbs.


More tabs is just so much easier than trying to clog the Europe map even more, and it also avoids changing the campaign screen for people without the DLC.


This is disgusting and unacceptable. It ruins the logic of campaign menu design.


I don’t understand how, but ok.
My guess is they will move all W. campaigns to Western Europe and rename ‘Europe’ to just ‘E. Europe’ soon.

Please, tell me your reasoning

I agree with @CactusSteak2171 that is has nothing to do with further plans for Eastern European civs. It’s a Western European DLC and the easiest way to put campaigns in the already crammed full European campaign screen is to add another tab instead of jamming them in. Probably is also easier to do for compatibility for non-DLC owners.

Honestly, in my opinion, we have enough European civs.


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