Can Asian navy get battleship counterpart?

Considering all European civs have Battleship homecity cards, is it possible for Asian to receive something similar?
IMO this wouldnt require a lot of work, espeically since there are already suitable models in game.

For China, it is easy to implement the treasure ship in the campaign to play this role.

(Comparing the reconstruction model of the treasure ship to Colombo’s flag ship Santa Maria)

For Japan, “Tekkousen” should be the counterpart to battleship and “Atakebune” could serve as the frigate counterpart while introducing a new ship called “Sekibune” to fill the position for the medium size ship. This is also aligns with the history of the Sengoku Period.

(The largest ship is Atakebune and the second large one is Sekibune in the above picture)


I am 100% for this, but I want to add some things:

Do not make the Treasure Junk and the Atakebune 1:1 copies of the Battleship. They were not designed to be 1:1 to the battleship, as both the Chinese and the Japanese made these ships for different purposes.

The Treasure Junk should be more akin to a floating fortress - with more range and a larger LoS, but slower, but with the addition of the ability to train units while beached on the shore. Would be more interesting if it was able to build villagers while on-shore.

On the other hand, the Atakabune might be interesting to be armed with guns, rather than cannons, and fire at mid-range with high armor and health. With something like a ranged attack of 100 and a RoF of 0.5, it would deal slightly less damage to ships than a normal Battleship, but have a bit more health and resistances and could potentially have a better turning speed and move faster.

That aside, India needs a new fleet of unique ships and could have their own ships.

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A Treasure Ship should just be a mega-Galleon able to transport huge numbers of units and soak up tons of damage but with lackluster attack. They should be able to train all the standard military units on shore as well as Junks while at sea (they were part of treasure fleets), but I wouldn’t let them train Villagers. Extra LoS does make sense given they were used for exploration.

Eh, that was mostly because it’d be interesting to have a ship that could be a mobile TC, but it’d be kinda pointless this late in the game. These are ships that can typically only be sent in Industrial, right?

Long-range, but lackluster. That’s what I was going for. Long-range because the Chinese have mortars and cannons with long range that could be mounted on a Treasure Junk, but not big or powerful ones - simply ones with a long range attack.

Large LoS, can train all the War Academy banner armies (potentially as well as one or two unique ones), but be slow with a massive health pool and long-range attack, though not a strong one.

I think Battleships are Fortress Age.

Sure that would be interesting, but don’t force it in where it doesn’t make sense. A Waka Hourua would be a way better contender for something like this.

I believe Battleships are age 3.

But Treasure Ships weren’t warships and they were too early for long ranged cannons to make sense as their weapon. I’d rather they just be able to train their own escort of warships that would deal damage for them.

Similar goes for Indian Battle ship that can be a War Dhow
“A Dhow being the most popular ‘broad’ class of the ship at that time in Indo-African & Indian Ocean”

As before the british subjugated and monopolised the Indian Ship building for themselves. The Indian Ships were the Go-to Ships for Indian Ocean trade. The Indian ships needed repair in 50 yrs, unlike 12yrs of europeon ships. And were used in Indo-african trade. Extensively.

According to Vasco Da Gama(Portugese Guy who found sea route to India) meets a Gujrati(Indian ethnicity) merchant in Malindi, Kenya. Da Gama had the biggest ship in the whole of Europe at that time and he mentions that this Gujrati merchant had 3 ships 12 times the size of his ship (Dhows). And mind you these were merchant ships not some sort of Warships. With their company and help Vasco Da Gama came to India.

As British had a strategy to not appear inferior as Coloniser. They imposed unfair trade barricades and eventual dismantling of the millennial old Dominant Quality Ship building industry. Previously, the Highest quality timber was used to make some of the finest ships in the world, with maneuverability in Indian ocean’s volatile weathers. But later the timber was only exported, and the Building yard were converted to scapeyards where the ships only take their last breath.
Against 34,286 Indian ships which entered and cleared Indian ports in 1857(Year of Sepoy Revolt and British Direct occupation replacing East India Company) with 1,219,958 tons, only 1676 ships did so with 109,813 tons, in 1900. The final blow to the Local Ship building comes With Iron cladding and Post industrial revolution that were like a Final nail to the slowed down and subjugated industry. There were still some noteworthy ports and practices that managed to stay alive, off course with British involvement. Like bombay marines (also in-game card) etc.

Among others a major design adoption by british was, and letting go of Weaker Poop Deck and Fore castles for Flush Decks. Ispired by Bengali Rice Ships


If we are strictly going for the colonial period, Indo-Europeon ships are a better choice.

Different ships of MARATHA Navy and captured Eships.

Wadia Era ship made for Royal Navy. OLDEST British warship still afloat


The GI tagged Uru. Also known as Fat Boat in English, is a type of Dhow made in Beypore, Kerala in southwest coast of India.
The art of Uru making is as old as the beginnings of India’s maritime trade with Mesopotamia. Islands dotting the Chaliyar river have continued the tradition for over a millennium.


I actually didn’t think that much at first, but after reading your opinions, I came up some ideas.

With giving Asian battleship, they can also get a battleship improvement card like what European do.
As for China, we can give them a card called “Zheng He treasure voyages”, which allow treasure ship to generate resource trickle.

As for Japan, the improvement card called “Battle of Kizugawaguchi”, this card enable the ability “Houroku dama” of Tekkousen which can deal significant damage to enemy ship and ongoing burning damage.

As for India, since I’m not familiar with their history, I have no ideas. I hope those who are knowledgeable about Indian history can provide some suggestions.

Hmm, I figured that DESPITE BEING SOOOO huge Indian history is BLINDSPOT mostly alien and unpopular to many.

So I have added a micro Colonial history section just in case in my previous reply… For the enthusiast like me. I would’ve added so much but it might be irrelevant so ive focused mostly on Pre & Early colonial periods, where the game is likely interested.