Can I edit civilization bonus on Editor?

Are there any ways to modify civilization bonuses on Editor?

For example, can I block with triggers the free 3 villagers of each new Town Center and 10 bonus population headroom for the Chinese?

Using triggers? This is just from memory, so it may not work, but there may be a way, in the editor, under the options tab in the top left, in the list of disabled techs, is there Chinese start? If you set that to disabled and it does exist, that might do it.

You can use the hidden library mod,select this dat before you go into the game,but it only has the tradtion chinese or the simplified Chinese version,you must transform your language to these languages above before you enter the editor.You can ban or research the hidden teches such as the civ bonus in it,I hope this can help you,thank you.
Note : Download both the dat and the text before you do it,not lack any one.

Doesn’t that affect the civ itself as a whole? I’m trying the Jurchens as a custom civ (not for a civ mod but for a custom campaign), so, the genetic Chinese civ shouldn’t be affected from my editing.

The civ-named effects! I’ve already tried them before, but it doesn’t show any effects. Wonder why they are there. XD

Wanggi campaign use many of it,nothing affects to the genetic game,you’d better learn from the bayan temur campaign how to use hidden tech in the game.Note:The hidden teches in the hidden library is the same as the AGE shows,but in the normal dat in the game these teches are hidden,not show to you.The hidden library is just to change the hidden things to expose to you and make you use ,that’s all.So don’t worry it would affect outside your scenario,it only makes the influence inside your custom scenario.Just do it!

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That’s useless,only can use to check which player use which civ,cannot be researched.

Well, under the options, you can disable Vietnamese vision for Vietnamese if you don’t want them to see enemy TCs. @NekyChoi, in a scenario, under the options tab, go to techs, scroll down to Town Center Spawn, and move it to the disable list. That should stop the villagers spawning. The TC thing might be doable using triggers to modify how much pop TCs provide.

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Vietnamese vision you can disable it in the options but it would still leave a black shadow,so the best choice is to use “create objects” to create the TC,the black shadow will no longer exist again.

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Oh, thank you! Now I blocked the Vil spawning! :slight_smile: