Can layout of control groups be changed to appear in a consistent position, based off the assigned key?

As I’ve mostly played Starcraft in the past, I am very comfortable with control groups always having a consistent position on the UI. E.g - If you hotkey a worker to 1 and a building to 5, they remain in the positions as if keys 2, 3 & 4 were assigned. (Images attached, in case my explanation is poor.)

I was hoping anyone in the community may have a solution in the form of editing .json files or a mod download. Making adjustments to the commandpanel.json file myself, I can’t seem to get it working.

Any suggestions at all would be appreciated, thank you.

Edit: As an alternative solution, if it is possible to make the assigned key show above or below the control group, similar to how Starcraft shows it below OR even in a different colour then that would be incredibly helpful as a beginner who’s getting into this awesome game.


As a new user, I wasn’t able to embed two images alongside my post though I’ll add the second one here. Of course, most people will know what the control groups look like in AoE but I fear my explanation could cause some confusion. Many thanks!