Can Mahouts be beaten?

They beat Muskets, any Infantry, especailly Insurgente, they beat dragoons, cav everything I throw at them. And they are tanky as hell. Shouldn’t they either be tanky or deal dmg?

What are your thought on the unit?

Yes, by bad pathing, which shouldn’t be uncommon in DE.


You should kite with dragoons.

They have a 0.5 multiplier vs HI, so I’d say they definitely don’t counter musks.
As long as you don’t have light infantry to worry about, you should be fine ignoring them. They aren’t too scary, just try to avoid letting them tank all your army’s damage output.

at 7 population each, you win with numbers. Mahouts are mostly good because the psychological affects. you see 4 mahouts and dont think “im going to need probably about 28 vet muskets to win this fight reliably” you think, oh its just 4 mahouts im sure my 10 goons will be sufficient to keep my skirms safe. Mahouts have about 4 base dmg per population, and my experience is the best way to beat them is with a heavy cavalry charge, and not try to get small infantry units bunched up in their splash radius.

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What next, a complain about how steppe riders beat everything? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

But jokes aside, mahout can easily be beaten by kiting dragoons, hand cav or melee musks. And mexico has the strongest musks!


But they have very high cost and population so they are meant to be very strong. Normal anti cav in reasonable numbers beats them.


Actually, Mexico musketeers are terribly population inefficient, you are better off using the wannabe lancer cavalry instead if you need a meatshield.


At the beginning I had seen the statistics of the Soldados, I was happy, until I saw the cost in population …

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Which I believe are also melee dragoons.

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At this point I think they are a noob trap.


All lancer type cavalry are weak to mainline cavalry as they are slower and have less health per pop as well as lower damage to non-infantry they are also slower than other cavalry.

So hussars and the like are good soft counters with support from counter-cavalry like dragoons their doomed.

BTW shotel warrior is the shock infantry version of a lancer not a hussar.


absoluetly doing that, they are fast enough to reach me before they shoot.
To be honest all of the mentioned things are clear to me, mahouts with their splash dmg still seem to beat everything I throw at them.

They’re weak and need a buff. They’re easily kiteable due to their bad pathing and low speed, take up a lot of population, and have extremely low base damage at a mere 28.

I’d much rather use Howdah, who have a proper ranged attack AND deal splash damage in melee.


probably the one I’m referring to is howdah then

EDIT nvm it is the mahout, 2x vs infantry, splash. 0.5 vs heavy inf.

For some reason I misread your thread as “Can Mahouts be eaten?”

Well, you can hunt wild elephants for food on African and South Asian maps. Maybe dead Mahouts can turn into edible elephant carcasses.

Just kidding.


you playing rusia? because musket can kill them, maybe except with rusia

Russia can spam halebardier or cav archer to get rid of them.

really? with gurkhas of twenty range and 3x sniping them? not worth it, mahouts flee very well. Even howdaws kill those cav archers.
indeed as cav archery has only meele distance, it can be sniped by any range unit that doesnt have a negative bonus versus them, and there is no one that has negative bonus on range.

Literally just throw a bunch of pikes at them and they fall like flies.