Can Mangudai be countered?

  • No
  • Yes
  • To a degree
  • Insanely hard, but possible
  • Mongol lategame unit combo is too strong so NO

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Can Mangudai be countered? Can Paladin be countered? Can mass Karambit Warriors be countered? So many questions…

Mongols late game are acceptably strong without feeling unfair given how small their tech tree is and how bad they are at about any other stage in the game (even 18-19 pop Scouts that you can do with extra hunt speed is really easy to beat just by recognizing uptime and doing small walls or, on a favorable map, early full walls.

Anyway: in 1v1, playing vs Mongols late game is a fight where the Mongols trade Mangudai to snipe Trebs, while you must use Stone to keep Castles up. It’s gold vs stone expenditure so you better scout the extra gold spots. Once gold has run out, Mongols are fairly weak and even though it can feel grindy and unfun, this is how you should be playing vs Mongols.

Everything can be countered if the other player is inadequate enough.

With respect, it seems a little weird to make this thread after your last one. It’s both redundant given that your last thread is specifically about Mangudai counters, and a major step down quality - the poll/OP is designed in a way that is likely to lead to far lower quality discussion. I.E. responses are either going to be neutral/boring (choices 2-3), extremely noobish (1 and 5) “there IS no counter to Mangudai!” or people just stating the obvious that everything in the game has a counter…which brings us full circle back to your other thread being far better for getting into specifics.

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I honestly do see your point.

@mods, please remove/merge one of the “Mangudai” threads.

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@mods isn’t a thing, it’s @moderators.

Yes! Skirms, Camel Archer, Rattan, huskarl, genoese xbow, halbs, Camel, longbow, ghulam, war Wagon, plumed Archer, Eagles, genitour, …
Obviously Some Work better than Others, depending on civ and numbers

In fairness, Eagles do not counter Mangudai, and are in fact hard countered by them. This is because they will never reach them, unless the Mongol player is careless, or failed to explore the map properly. They also do paltry damage to them when they manage to get glancing lickings in, easily healed by monks, or castles if so desired. Camel Archers are the hardest counter to Mangudai in the game.