Can moderator be contacted on this forum?

I am trying to report bugs with clips of the bugs.

In one post, my report – with description of the bug behavior and clip and nothing else – was flagged as a spam and hidden. There is no option that allows for contacting forum regarding the action.

When trying to report another bug, the forum disallows any link

I see from a post 2 years ago that @moderators was suggested. Does that work? Can you review the action and provide an explanation? Thank you.

And if the bug report section does not have an upload section, and does not accept link, can someone from Relic explains whether they are genuine in collecting bug reports from users? Thank you.

Link to the first post hidden: Villagers unable to force drop off

Link to 2nd post hidden: Pathing issue

The system automatically flagged your posts as spam. I just restored them