Can new custom civilizations be added with the new update?

Before the dlc “return of Rome” when in the AGE3 (Advance genie editor 3) you added a new civilization when running the mod gave error, you could only modify the existing ones and if you wanted a “new” you would have to replace one of the existing ones, but now with the last update no error appears when adding a civlizacion in the AGE3. however, no matter that you put modified JSON files in the mod, the added civilization does not appear, but I insist it no longer gives error. Is it already possible to add custom civilizations without modifying existing ones or does it have nothing to do with what can be done in the AGE3?

you should know one of the only way they can expand the game and still make money is by selling DLC. there is almost no way they’ll ever enable it for modders to add additional civs, that has stopped since FE back on HD and it’ll be the way going forward.

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if that is so, why in the AOE3 through mods if it is possible to add more civilizations without replacing the existing ones but not in the AOE2?

firstly you are comparing different engine, although somethings are similar between two games theres also things vastly different.

the most likely reason is because AOE3 is much less successful than AOE2 is, when you look at player base you’d realize AOE2 has about 10x more players. if AOE3 becomes more popular they may restrict them too.

also, the limitation was in effect after FE was released so the restriction kinda just get carried over back from HD days iirc. if you wish for custom civs, you could always go to a stable (older version) that does not update through steam (however you obtain those vers) and modify the executable and play it that way. PCMod is an example of it but just with AOC rather than DE, they modify the exe to add specific cool features only for their mod.

are very envious are those of Microsoft, pity :confused: