Can someone confirm this frame time bug?

Can someone confirm this frame time bug?

If you are AMD user:

  1. open the Radeon Software
  2. goto Performance
  3. goto Metrics
  4. in the Frame Time view click on the plus icon to call the axis description
  5. play a game, if suddently lag occurs tab out and look at the frame times.
  6. quickly press print and use ctrl-v to paste into paint to copy the screen
  7. upload here

Where are the users, who complain about terrible lag all the time?
It would really help me and probably the devs, if someone can check if it’s on your system.

The game has a terrible performance, you will notice lag spikes or stutter whenever a player clicks up to the next age, it gets worse if 2 or 3 players went up at the same time, this can be more noticeable watching a recording.

It doesn’t matter if you computer can handle 300 fps, late game 4x4 the performance sinks to 50 fps average on a good system, for obvious reason when a lag spike happens the latency goes really high, there is no need to upload hardware performance metrics if the game was fine before, as you said this bug was introduced during the preparations for the lords of the wets but until now it hasn’t been fixed, despite being reported a lot.

Don’t go off topic.

The thing is, I don’t feel the age up bug and i can play post imp 4v4 fine.
Then I still have 150fps or more and everything works really well. (Of course only, if the other player don’t have the yellow clock)
But I have to change my display mode like every 2 minutes, in order to get rid of this frame time bug.

edit: I saw the age up stutter when other people were streaming, so I know what it looks like, but I don’t have it.