Can someone update the descriptions for the DLC steam achievements?

It’s really unhelpful. The new DLCs have achievements with descriptions such as: Do not construct a single siege weapon in the mission “A Kingdom Divided”. The achievements from the base game have descriptions such as: Defeat the Jin before they start constructing a Wonder in the third Genghis Khan mission “Into China”. Note the difference? The old achievements told you which campaign, and which mission you had to play if you wanted to get the achievement, which makes it a lot easier to get it. I’m not sure why it changed for the DLCs, but it really isn’t particularly helpful, and someone should change it. Does anyone else feel the same way?

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Well, in the French version it has been quite an improvement because the description for old achievements are full of abbreviations that sometimes make them unreadable.
Anyway, I think it would be a nice touch for everyone if the achievements also had a special line in the scenario objectives when relevant.

Yes this is a weird inconsistency between achievements of the base game and the new DLCs. I reported it here and got the answer it has indeed to do with other languages.

Perhaps the description could follow the format: “in Genghis 3 “Into China”” leaving out the word mission, the verbal form of the number and shortening the campaign name