Achievement descriptions incomplete

Many of the Steam achievements for Lords of the West have incomplete descriptions, lacking transparency. Proper achievements look for example like this:
Truly Countless Bodies: Defeat all opponents before 30 minutes have elapsed in the fifth Attila the Hun mission “The Catalaunian Fields”.
This means an achievement says what to do and names the campaign, mission number and mission name. Now compare this to the following LotW achievement:
No Wheels: Do not construct a single siege weapon in the mission “A Kingdom Divided”.
Here both the campaign name and the mission number are missing.
This should be fixed for all such incomplete achievements.


I was really surprised when I saw that the number of the mission and even the campaign was not included in the descriptions… Yeah maybe no game changer/breaker, but still annoying when you want to get all achievements

These inaccurate descriptions are still there, and now also for Dawn of the Dukes. Hope this can be fixed soon

Hi @culgil1014 ,
thanks for the report, but shortened descriptions are by design, as it avoids issues where we hit/exceed our character limit (sometimes just in specific languages).
Have a nice day

After another discussion about this here, how about this:

Perhaps the description could follow the format: “in Genghis 3 “Into China””?
(leaving out the word “mission”, the verbal form of the mission number and shortening the campaign name)