Can the font be reverted to what it was before the current update?

I don’t remember what it was like before, only that it was better than the new font. For some reason, the patch changed something that didn’t need changing. Please revert it.


It’s weird that it isn’t in the patch notes. I wonder why they changed it - presumably there was a reason - but I preferred the old font too.

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is there a mod to revert it?

Modding probably can’t do the job now. I tried to replace the DDS files as font mods usually do. Only the sans serif font gets replaced. But we want to replace the serif font.

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tbh the new font is horrible, you can’t even see some stuff properly, it’s like playing on low resolution lol

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Can I make a suggestion to the developers here - Can you add in the ability/setting for players to use the old font as opposed to the new/current font we have? Similiar to how there exists the ability to use Sans Serif font. as a viable alternative.

This seems to be the easiest solution to this problem that will appease all users.


Except that no-one really seems happy with the new font, and no-one complained about the old one. I don’t know why you need to appease everyone by having an option, when everyone was already happy with the old font.

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Thanks for your suggestion all!

Our team will consider it ^-^


Yes, and the other question is, how nobody of the internal tester realized that the new font is worst, in general how they never realize that they add much of other bugs and issues into the game.
Instead of replacing the font they should think about replacing their internal testers team.

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I’m actually happy with the new font, though I find both of them to be not the easiest to read. The new font is slightly better for me.

The new font is harder to read. I like the old font better.

Thanks for adding in this change! Looks great