Can the map name be added to the timerpanel.json? How would I determine if it can be?

I want to add the map name from the objectives (F6) to the timer panel so that I can look at it without opening a menu to remind myself what map I am on, is that possible?

I guess a more general question would be how do I tell what widgets/tokens exist for me to use and if they can be used outside of the context that I find them in?

I added this to another thread that I asked something similar in a while back so figured I would put it here too. I dug into the objectivespanel.json and I believe this is the control that contains the information I want but unfortunately it looks like one large control and I don’t think I have any means to decompose the information it contains.

     "Widget": {
        "Type": "ObjectivesTextBox",
        "Name": "ObjectivesBox",
        "ViewPort": {
          "xorigin": 60,
          "yorigin": 50,
          "width": 480,
          "height": 800,
          "alignment": "TopLeft"

If anyone could confirm whether I am on the right track that would be greatly appreciated.