Can we all agree AOE players are smarter & have higher IQ than other gamers?

RTS games like these require you to have good and quick decision making, it’s fair to say AOE players are 10 times smarter than the average fortnite player, do you agree?

I’ve always felt that RTS were a good exercise for the head. Since you’ve got to manage a bazillion things at once, your brain is constantly moving back and forth. It provides great stimulation and therapy.

But I’ve played with some strong idiots, so I don’t believe it makes anyone smarter.

i woulda expected the oposite


There certainly is more strategy involved in RTS games than other games, talent in RTS takes lots of practice but that’s the same with all games, as for smartness, I think there is a particular type of decision making skill RTS gamers have, RTS is about decision making, whereas a first person shooter is about reaction time and aim, it’s a completely different skill set so I think neither is smarter than the other, RTS is specialized in one type of skill witch is decision making, so we could say the average RTS gamers are better decision makers, but that’s only one type of skill so I wouldn’t say we are overall smarter, but of course your comparing to Fortnite so yes, we are much smarter than Fortnite players, mostly because Fortnite appeals to kids and teenagers more than RTS does, so those kids and teenagers definitely bring down the average IQ of games like that.


It is a controversial question but the answer is probably yes, generally speaking

Obviously most games have a variety of demographics: men, women, old, young, intelligent, black, white etc. but naturally many games have more focused demographics for a variety of reasons.

Germans love business simulator games for a reason. Vietnamese love AOE1 for a reason.

By definition, big blockbuster games like Fortnite would have a more balanced-demographic playerbase compared to AOE which is niche by comparison. So for one thing it is reasonable assumption to say that dumb-smart ratio in Fortnite is more diverse compared to AOE by merit of sheer population size.

A Math professor once famously recommended AOE to his students to keep their brains sharp (he was probably talking about AOE3 but still).

Controversial but yes.
Some are even 11x smarter.
Like the ones spamming content requests in this forum.
Or the ones with the balance suggestions, who are not even in the top 1% on the ladder.

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Why do you you propose an hypothesis, give arguments and denied all in the last sentence?
Of course I disagree, is an specific brain training different of a shooter or chess… And IQ is not a complete test of a brain capacity


funny how he didn’t gve a reasoning as to why they are “losers” lol

its self explanetory

Given some of the things that are written on these forums I think the answer to this question is a hard NO.


Like what? honestly I think these forum users are ten times smarter and more qualified than, lets say, warframe user forums

We are talking about raw intelligence. Not “athletic intelligence” or “emotional intelligence” or any other of those cooky labels designed to make less intelligent people feel better about themselves.



Ok Boomer, 20 char min…

Hard to say.
But reaction to post like this might be a better indicator of IQ than the game one plays…

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Well IDK what “explanetory” means so…hehe

Something a non intelligent person would say, heh heh


I think this game has both very smart and very dumb people, but I wouldn’t say any of those groups are representative of the whole community

Hawking in that clip is talking about midwits. You should know. You’re one of those people.

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Projecting, aren’t we?

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