Can we expect good news for the fans of the classic game on October 25th?

Hello guys and girls. The October 25th Age of Empires Anniversary broadcast announcement looks somewhat promising for us, that for so long are anxiously expecting anything new to refresh this game.

As said on the text itself, “we promise there’ll be something for everyone!”, and I hope that, finally, this means that our time has finally come. Is the 25th anniversary of the first game, after all.

What do you people think?


I think it will happen like the last time. DLC for 2, 3 and 4. 1 will remain abandoned.


Yes! I also think it’s about time that Age2 gets some more civs and special content. The game is neglected far too much. MS should pay attention.


Seems a bit promising. I truly hope they do do something for AoE DE, there is a very passionate community for the first game and it would be very cool to see something added to it. It has missed out on new DLC, events and hasn’t received a patch for a couple of years now.

Love the other games but this one still remains my favourite. Hope to see good news on October 25th!




The news in is the News section AoE 2,3 and 4 but not AoE1 nor AoM.
“Everyone” might just be AoE2/3/4.



Most likely. (20 characters)

AoE 2 DE should be renamed AoE classic and the AoE I became a DLC for that game.

Then all the benefits of the AoE II engine are carried to AoE I.

Sure, some gameplay ajustments for AoE I DLC should be done, but that would grant a real support. Purist could still play AoE I DE. Additional DLCs could be done for that “AoE I gamemode” in II.

That would be my top announcement. But pretty unreal.

I’m not a main AoE I player but let’s hope that it will get something.


Pretty unlikely yes, but that still would be really cool. I have been wishing for this for a very long time.

Well, better to keep expectations low, I guess. If you are wrong, then the joy will be greater, if you are right, then the disappointment will be smaller…


Hehehe Oh, I see what you did here :rofl:

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I hope so. This one remains as my favorite, too!

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Hmm haven’t seen that :cold_sweat:

I hope that it’s a trick of some kind, but low chances…

Agreed! Thought that for some time.

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Like all of us friend, like all of us!

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I really would love to see some small DLC or patch for AoE DE. Dont need to do anything huge.

  • add Flare
  • some lobby/hosting improvenents
    A) ability to check main lobby even if the player is inside a hosted game ( featured in others DE game ). Would be great as most games are played on lobby browser.
    B) ability to ban at least 3 maps in random map ( players love random map but some times dont wanna play a specific map like island )
    C) ability to pick hidden civ
  • turn alt+right mouse click the default unit pathfinding or at least make this as an option in settings ( it improves the pathfinding without any change in coding)
  • 2 new random maps ( like ghost lake and team island )
  • 2 new unit upgrade:
    A) light cavalary ( scout upgrade in bronze or iron age )
    B) heavy camel ( camel upgrade in iron age )
  • land trade
  • some new campaigns
  • better mod support

Last 2 suggestions would be nice for casual and singe player players.


Good suggestions. I would add gates to that, but the rest is essential.


I loved AoE1 and love AoE:DE. :heart:


Since AOE1DE was released, the number of new content items for it has been a constant: zero. We have seen tons of them for AOE2DE (dozens of new factions, campaigns and so on), less for AOE3DE (few new factions, few historical battles but zero campaigns) and who knows how many for AOE4 (which is ihe latest one, so it’s expected).

I have two hypotheses for 25th October:

  • Nothing will be released for AOE1DE.

  • Or, part of AOE1DE will be added to AOE2DE. For example, the Western Roman Empire in Attila and Alaric campaign have been represented by Byzantines, so we could expect seeing the actual Romans be added as a full faction.

Both hypotheses have, as a basis, a simple statement: AOE1DE has been definitely abandoned.