Can we expect good news for the fans of the classic game on October 25th?

Another possibility: they could announce a new game set in the ancient times with all of the modern features.

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Improbable for now, but possible in the future. Age IV has a long way to go first.

We will see that for sure on October 25th! But better to keep low expectations,unfortunately…

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And also exchange of resources in the market and 200 of pob in campaigns…

I also like AoE 1 by historical period, but in gameplay I prefer the AoEO, which would be its remake / spinoff…

Two civs and maybe campaigns for these for aoe 4… and on aoe 1 DE would be simply events for aoe 2 DE and aoe 3 DE…

i would add some units foreseen in age of empires 1: beyond the indus mod. Among them caravan (land trade unit) spearman: tool age junk unit, anti-cavalry unit. Note: Would give this unit a bronze age upgrade. I could name it an elite spearman that in addition to more HP could add +1 range just like the Kamauyk unit from Age 2. Bronze Age Scout Upgrade: Light Cavalry. Flame thrower: one- or two-range siege unit, anti-build unit and anti-siege unit, with fast fire rate. in addition to technologies shown in this expansion project (Beyond the Indus).,,,&st=275


another unit that I remembered now would be the slinger upgrade to the bronze age: Improved slinger.


Improved Slinger is a very bad name, IDK how they chose that in the mod.

Elite slinger
Mercenary slinger

Anyways, don’t expect nothing for this anniversary and maybe you will be surprised.


Good suggestions for improvement.

I would add these:

  1. Team Randum based on the link to balance teams without having to build teams.

  2. Badges for players according to the link.

  3. Possibility to customize the civilization to the player’s criteria. This would generate permanent financial income for future updates.

  4. A team survival mode against invasions based on time and difficulty.


We did it, guys :wink: Imagine “You Are Victorious” screen here

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