Can we have a unlimited wood source for Aztecs for treaty games

I love to play Aztec and I played lots of treaty games with them… the only problem they have that they have no infinite source of wood like most of other civs… they have 300 woods but not enough… like India , Huasa and Ethiopians has 1200 infinite wood crates card… can we get something for Aztecs?


All civilizations should have a large infinite wooden card in the industrial age of at least 1000 infinity. Especially when you create natives or ships.


Or just infinite mango groves


Aztec does not need any wood in treaty whatsoever except for infrastructure. Are you sending the age 3 card which replaces wood cost by coin for coyotes and slingers?


I just saw the card today… my bad… :slight_smile:


Thanks everyone for replying… and special thanks to WunderSunderA for mentioning the card… yet It would be great if they had an 1k infinite wood card… what U guys think?


It was needed if they didnt add that cost change card. Now, if you need wood buy it on the market or send 300w.
With inf 1000coin + xp aura you should have enough coin to buy wood.

u have any idea that aztec coin gathering is one of the worst , also the more u buy expensive it become to buy from market


Yes, I know but at the end you will receive more coin that you will spend. Market cost is limited to 250, meaning that you can get 400w each 1000coin shipment. For this reason I gived you the other option, send 300w.
Its not the best method, but as aztec you need that wood only for buildings that cant be spammed across the map.

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WunderSunderA I think they are only thinking in regards to the buildings. If you make ships and create natives, an infinite shipment of 300 lumber is very little, and using the market to buy lumber is very unprofitable. A shipment of at least 1000 of infinite wood does not dislike anyone.

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Dude that wood is nothing , if u r playing nats , or ur regular units cost wood .

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That mechanism is unique to India. For India it would be nice to have an infinite letter of this type, but that costs coins.
For all other civilizations, they can have a 1000 infinity wooden card in the industrial age.

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Exactly… Aztec can have some sort of wood trickle… or any infinite source of wood

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Umm I am pretty sure aztecs are up there with Dutch when it comes to late game gold. I literally never heard an aztec player complain about not having gold.

Mango grove is not some extraordinary that other civs can’t have . There were map in tad where every civ use to get mango groves at start .

And giving infinite 1000 wood can’t fix problems for all .

Do u think infinite 1k wood will fix Iroquois ??

Even with infinite 1200 wood inca just gets roll over on map like Darfur .

I have another suggestion to dev .

One card that all civ have but none use advance market , make advance market so that civ can trade each resources to one another with 70% trade rate . Food to wood or coin to wood at 70% value .

Becoz right now advance market is just a visual card , u can see it , but u can’t use it , such a waste .

It will allow civ like inca , iraquis to have infinite wood source without making them op , and they will loose resources if they trade too much


Lmao , players don’t complain about late game r sources becoz people know how to macro late game . If u low on coin put more vill on coin .

Aztec has pretty bad coin gathering , infinite card overcome that by some margin , but u still have to put descent amount of vill on ur estate . And Aztec just lose to almost any civ in late game fight due to their eco mostly , thei eco can’t sustain erk+ often vs goon+musk fight .

Also if u want to play Aztec other than Andes , u often need to put some vill on firepit along with priests , to overcome slow training .

Aztec is arguably the weakest civ for treaty currently .

Another reason people don’t complain about Aztec is , becoz people know how weak they are so , people avoid playing them . They have lots of issue other than just eco .

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In treaty India is a worse place. Also I think that inca arent too much better. Inca have a great eco, but aztec army is stronger and you can train every unit without wood.

Wait , since when Aztec army got strong ??? Only strong u it they have is erk , but skirmishers have bonus vs them .

Their archer , Orin is pretty weak , comparable to Russian stelet , and coyote is just weaker version of cav .

My dear friend Aztec don’t have strong army .

And erk , they train uktraslow , it’s superhard to even mass , them in hard fight .

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Aztecs coyoto runner is pretty weak… and even when I win I dont have a good eco… Aztec is a very interesting civ to play with but with poor gold collection, no infinite source eco, Noble huts units slow training and base building limitations… I think they dont stand any chance in treaty against most of the civs… in my opinion… its very un justifying for the civ… developers should give them some sort of infinite wood source to give them a chance…

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U r damn right… they need some rework done

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