Can we remove Daimyo from the game?

as a japan player i wonder why you think that? remember the asien dynasty there can a daymo train units 100 time faster that was op i agree but now? it is the same speed then other nations have with the card for train faster units from barrack . so they had a big nerf on the daymo what is so big that i play not more with that a lot

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The guy who designed Daimyo and the Japanese for TAD



No other civ has a MOBILE all in one building, that can receive shipments from HC and still an inspire aura.

It’s just ridiculous and unnecessary how OP that is.


Why not just Daimyo become a true unique hero unit and have only 1 construction limit.

Then, remove Shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu, put its ability into the hero Daimyo.

If Daimyo was defeated, the player may pay lots of coins (perhaps 700 or more) to ransom him.

So that would make it able to be captured, the opponent may not face the situation that Japanese player continues training Daimyo once it defeated.

Daimyo has four “traits”: (1) damage aura (2) mobile barracks+stable (castle+consulate for the shogun) (3) mobile outpost (4) very high hp for a mobile unit.
I’d suggest removing at least one of them.
I was almost convinced by someone that Japan has expensive but less cost-effective units, so they need some “unique” stat buffs to make the units more cost-effective.

Okay that may be nice. But why should you also get a mobile barracks or a shipment site then?

I think the argument may be in 1v1 supremacy you typically do not have the time and resource and do not reach the stage to retrain them a lot. That may be legit. So why should you be able to retrain them then?

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Europeans can rebuild forts with an age IV card, Japanese have to build the Shogunate that can be losed forever. Also they have to spend cards slots for daymios.
I think that the only nerf has to go to artillery train, limiting it to 5 instead 10 or pop cost.


Removing is too radical

Stop polluting this thread with facts man, what is wrong with you???


You’re right. I forgot about the change in the castrametation card.

But that card is rarely used. Even fort itself is not very useful. So instead of losing that ability when losing the wonder, you do not have that ability at all from the very beginning.
Daimyo is a more versatile version of fort but can be also more easily retrained.

7 units at a time woudn’t make ay sense, Instead the tech that makes possible to train 10 units could speed up the training of infantry, to make them balanced in longer games, a bonus of 25% speed training for infantry, not artillery or cavalry.

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That is a good point to be fair. Sounds like a better option.

You could remove it from the game and it would not affect Japan at all but many people don’t like removing things from the game.

Maybe units cost is higher and building time is longer as using buildings for that.

Removing things from the game is generally a very bad thing to do.

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My suggestion would be that it loses some health upon each batch of units (doesn’t matter the numer in the batch). It doesn’t die but at last will have remain with 1 health.

It could also be vulnerable to the scout’s sniper shot.

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It’s an issue I agree since it circumvents one of the core rules of treaty. I don’t even play it but it’s not hard to imagine how this is a major issue.

I think if you could the only way you can deal with this is making it so Daimyos and Tokugawa cannot leave the starting tc area until the treaty ends. Otherwise make them unable to receive shipments and Tokugawa cannot train artillery. You’d still have to deal with clubs or samurais but it’s not mortars at least

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I hate that posts with these inflammatory titles are the ones that get the most attention around here…


Yesssss x2
Someone write a serious thesis about an actual flaw and get no attention at all while this discussions get endless replies and everything :confused:


yes that the ebst weapon , the sorprise attack, and invisible daymio, is imposible to find the daymio, th elines below the horse cant be seen when other units are near that also have those lines, so make daymio be identified at laeast, or just remove it from the game, it sucks