Can we remove Daimyo from the game?

Every single match Japan players will exploit the fact that they got damn MOBILE barrack, tower, artillery foundry, inspiring flag, all in one? This single unit is enough to obliterate your entire base.

If your eyesight is good enough you will see this tinny point in the minimap mess, coming at your base to stab you in the back. And if you’re lucky enough you will be able to train some units in time, because if you don’t shity daimyo will spawn an entire army on its own in batches of 10 and send reinforcements from the HC. To make it worse artillery can also be 10 trained and samurai will insta-destroy every building they touch.

So what’s the obvious solution? To kill it of course, but guess what? That will not be an easy task, because it got 1500 hp. If you get to kill it and you think you got rid of it you’re wrong, because another will come from wonder almost in no time.

No other civ is as lamer as this, with all the features it has.
So what do you think? Can we remove daimyo from the game?

  • Remove Damyio from the game.
  • Nerf that unit.

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  1. Option:
    None of the above

The only content that should be removed for a game are bugs :slight_smile:
Come on, it’s one time to suggest a longer training time for units he can spawn, it’s completely other to suggest removing him.


Just hard nerf the unit, somehow it will be balanced eventually, removing the unit from the game is unnecessary.


I would like to see it removed too but the devs can’t eliminate then or remove their mechanics because it is part of the civ identity.
I think they can do a few things to make it less cheesy and lame.
First thing would be to nerf the ability to make units from batches of 10 to batches of 7 units.
Secondly would be to either reduce the training time from damyos or unable them to train units when close to the enemy’s first tc.


Can you explain why? There’s no reason for that unit to be so OP in addition to all the features Japan has.

No other civ have an all in-one mobile barrack, that’s too much.


Japan is strong but… that’s not far from historical realities through the ages, right? :slight_smile:
And it’s not like they are unbeatable. There always will be stronger and weaker civs. I totally get the sentiment, there’s a lot of more and less subtle ways to nerf a unit. Mentioned longer training time, maybe some ‘summoning sickness’ instead that will make new units not able to attack for 30 sec, so they’ll have to be spawned far from front lines to not be easy prey.

My vote.
Leave it as it is…
If you nerf or remove all the civ’s special abilities than what’s the point of having those extra qualities. Sweden is nerfed and now nobody wants to play with it. What if someone say that Portugal is so OP with their free TownCenter with every age. Developers will nerf it and nobody will want to play as Portugal anymore. So many nerfs or balancing will ultimately make this game boring. Take it as a challenge to beat Damyio as I never heard that Japan is unbeatable.


Well, that is the reason why this game ain’t as competitive as other RTS, the more unbalanced it becomes more and more boring it is, frustrating even. The only reason they used Sweden and Japan is because they know they had advantage for using it.


I would say it should be removed. I’ve always thought it was stupid


I would only nerf the artillery training to 5 instead of 10, at least on shogun. They arent that strong


It should be vulnerable to anti-heroic units.
It should be ultra vulnerable to building attacks.
Not being able to create units under the influence of urban centers, castles or towers (As mentioned by someone above).
That I can’t create artillery units so fast.
Increase its price a bit.
Don’t let the bonus aura affect them themselves.
Increase the price of daimyo in imperial to at least 3000 coins, and that the shogun does not reduce its price as it does with the other troops.

I think that with all this it will no longer be so OP, but it will still be very strong.


I think its unfair to make a poll with 2 very extreme options. Do you agree?

  • Yes
  • Absolutely
  • I’d like to give you 100$

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Only reason for my post


Removing the drive is pretty drastic. But he is right that it must be modified. In treaty it is a headache.

Misleading poll yeah

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They played Sweden because Sweden was OP. Reason is not the same. Nobody play Sweden now may be it is design failure initially?
Some people played China and Russia before they are the lowest tier.

You’re right. If an RTS game always emphasizes its entertainment and ignores its competitiveness (balance), it will eventually disappear even its entertainment.

Balance is difficult to adjust, and every additional civilization will have a great impact on balance. I hope that empires dev will pay more attention to, refer to and pay more attention to the opinions of players.

I also saw the efforts of Empires dev. thank you.

It should not be able to train batches of 10.that tech should only apply to buildings.


Sweden is being played just fine, now it has a much higher skill floor, so noobs naturally avoid it now.

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Daimyos are fine but this poll is skewed and needs some fixing.

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