Can you devs please add how much takes to develop tech or create unit, or advance age, or build?

That is why they are called “purists”. They want the “pure” game, exactly like it was when they were children playing it.

You are disparaging people who have a different view of the game. They also wanted to add content and meet new civilizations. But all they met was betrayal. Only a few campaigns and two plagiarism civilizations were added. Unlike AOE2, there were also quite a few bugs that made the game unplayable from the start.

The number of connected population shows it. The number of people accessing AOE3 has declined sharply, but the developers have done nothing. How would you explain this?

No, they did not, they literally want no changes, no more civs, no more anything.

Purists are always the loudest minority, and always kill games. This is the natural consequence of not going against them, and just directly introducing the basically finished Moroccan and Ethiopian civs, that you see in the Historical Battles.

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People are totally digressing from the topic, and even forgot it has only been less than four months after the release of the game when analyzing why or why not this game should or will receive new contents.

You are insulting another fan of the game.

Ethiopia is not completed, and Morocco is just a pile for the campaign. Do you think the Black clan should also be added as a major civilization? It’s the developer’s responsibility to release the game uncompleted, so why insult to purists? I can’t understand your actions at all.

Citation needed.

Most complaints were about how the new contents were badly optimized or balanced, or simply ridiculous, because AOE2 DE was not released as bad as that.

Also the purging seems a little incomplete I guess.

It is actually well developed since the evs have stated they know the community wants more civs, which means the purists are not being listened to.

And it still took a year for the devs to release a new DLC.
AOE3 DE has only been released for less than four months, and designing a new civ in AOE3 takes way more effort than in AOE2, and the DE itself included even more new contents than AOE2 DE compared to AOE2 HD, and there are still a lot of work unfinished (they just released customization for Chinese home city today, and there are still 6 more home cities without it) ---- so how do you draw the conclusion about whom the devs are listening to?

Thank God!
It takes time to develop good DLC, and this one did not even deliver the oh so dreaded OP civs, they are both painfully average in every regard, despite the flamboyant bonii.
The campaigns were also excellent, in fact, some of the best in the whole game.

Good DLC takes time, and a community that is both able to wait for it, and willing to pay for it.
This DLC has a few bugs, but nothing even that bad, or that cannot be fixed. And in terms of balance, both the Sicilians and the Burgundians have very little issues, and fit the gameplay quite well.

If they release 2 new civs and 3 new campaigns per year, I will just buy all that DLC, specially if it is in the same quality as the Lords of the West.

And is already dead, with a very diminished playerbase.

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Let’s clear up your logic here:
AOE3 has not received any new content since release because the player base does not want it
→ But it takes a year to develop a good DLC.
→ But the game is already dead.
→ But still, it didn’t get any new content in four months because the player base does not want it

So an already-dead player base causes the devs to not release anything new, which should take a year, in four months.

Absolutely perfect.


AoE2 DE has a bigger playerbase, which justifies DLC, since it means there is actual interest in the game. If the devs try to sell AoE3 DE DLC in 8 months, it will fail spectacularly, because the game is already dead, with a shadow playerbase, and most of them hate the idea of new content.

I really wish it were not so, but the AoE3 playerbase is replete with purists that hate the very idea of new content, and happily play the same 7 people game after game, for years, while “maining” a single civ.

AoE3 playerbase has a backwards mentality that hurts their game.
Better to just spend dev effort in more DLC for AoE2 DE, where it will actually sell.

This should be the sole reason.

I thought we were talking about why the game has not received new contents, rather than your perfect business insights?

Again, citation needed.

Is this the proof that most of the AOE2 playbase are perfected human beings?

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well if they dont work on age 3 age 3 never will have player retention.

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Everywhere I’ve seen people have been clamoring for more content for AoEIIIDE. Whether we get it is another story. I’m curious what this ‘big news’ teased for next month is.

Which one are you talking about?

Rereading it again I realized I misread it. Carry on. False alarm.

In the patch notes:

“We’ve got some exciting things coming your way next month, so stay tuned; you won’t want to miss any of what’s coming to Age of Empires III: DE this year!”

See you on the battlefield!

—The Age of Empires Team

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That would be really nice.

Lords of the West came out of nowhere so maybe just maybe but until then it’s safe to assume it’s just another patch with extra goodies thrown in. Now that China has a customizable home city I’m sure India and Japan are also planned.

I still remember that a lot of people were waiting for new content, and as much as AOE2, AOE3 was getting as much attention as it will, and expecting a great game to be born again.

However, the developer released a number of bugs and two plagiarized civilizations and took no action.

The two plagiarized civilizations completely destroyed Supremacy, and there was no nerf for Japan, which had previously destroyed Supremacy.

Even if they were committed to AOE3, they had time to lack, but they were sharing that time and giving technical assistance to AOE2’s new DLC.

The two plagiarism civilizations are still controversial about the balance after 4 months. It is proof that the design that the developers claim to be new and unusual has failed.

I no longer believe in the capabilities of the developers. It’s better for them to do nothing than to add something.

Do you even know the meaning of the word “plagiarized”? No it’s good that the devs are active and doing something to improve the game than not do anything. If you’re a purist of the classic AoE 3, I think that version is still available in Steam. If you really have nothing good to say but derail all AoE 3 related threads?