Cannot assign hotkey to caps lock/shift lock key

Game Version:

  • Build 101.101.33164.0 4413571 (on steam)
  • Platform : Steam


I cannot assign a hotkey to the caps lock/shift lock key.

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Go to options > Hotkeys
  2. Select any action.
  3. Press Modify Hotkey
  4. Press ShiftLock/Caps Lock.

The old hotkey stays available.

Expected behaviour : Caps Lock is registered as the hotkey for the selected action.

Remark : This works in starcraft 2 for example. I was trying to adapt this keyboard layout to aoe2 :


Adapting theCore? How cool!
Maybe it will be possible for doing this via:
once DE-support is implemented.

I’m really curious about how you’d do this. I’m trying to get a halfway-decent grid-layout and that’s already difficult enough.
At the moment you also can’t assign anything to the F-keys.

I’m not sure if using capslock-key is an equally great idea, since people do like playing diplomacy on occasion. But it definitely should be an option.

Well for the moment I used TAB instead of caps Lock. The main idea is to have the main actions of each unit/building on space and TAB. E.g. : for a villager, build economic is on space and for the TC, creating vills is on space.

I only configured 10 control groups, I barely use more than 3-4 usually.

And I assigned the go to keys to alt + control group keys. (Like the camera hotkeys in the core in starcraft).

I haven’t played multiplayer yet though, I want to get confortable with this new setup first.

The wonderful AOK Hotkey editor now has DE-support, which includes Capslock!
Now show me theCore, please :slight_smile:

I am having no trouble assigning the F-keys. I have assigned F1 to select idle villager and F2 to select all military buildings and also moved show tech tree to F6 or something. Maybe autohotkey is not interfering with assigning the F keys.

Strange. Perhaps it’s been quietly fixed? Will try to get it on video, once I get around to it.