Cannot Build Home City Deck in the Scenario Editor

The Scenario Editor allows to build home city deck for the scenario.

To create such home city deck we need to go to “Scenario” then “Home City Editor” and from there we go to “Build Deck”.

At that point we are supposed to see all available cards and then select the ones we want.

However, from the scenario editor there are no cards to select and therefore it’s not possible to build home city decks for scenarios.

Please add that to your bug list to be fixed soon.

This issue is for single player scenarios as well as multiplayer scenarios.


I got the same problem bro

Just figured I’d provide a little color here (from my experience).

Same issue. In the Scenario Editor, I go to Scenario >> Home City Editor >> Build Decks, but once there I see the following:

This happens across all Civilizations. Removing cards from or clearing the decks just causes the current slate of cards to disappear, and they cannot be re-added.

At the time of my writing this, I was running Version 100.12.9476.0 (140548).


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