Cannot change the cannon modes in the first historical battle

:arrow_forward: GAME INFORMATION

  • **BUILD: Latest
  • PLATFORM: Steam
  • OS: Windows 10

:arrow_forward: ISSUE EXPERIENCED

Using Cannons in the first historical battle is bad because once you put them in bombard mode they can’t get back to limber mode

:arrow_forward: FREQUENCY OF ISSUE

First time that I see that

:arrow_forward: REPRODUCTION STEPS

Here’s the steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. Play the first historical battle
  2. Use cannons like Falconets and Culverins
  3. Put them in Bombard mode and try to egt them back to limber

:arrow_forward: EXPECTED RESULT

:question: What was supposed to happen if the bug you encountered were not present?
Use cannons normally as any other game.

:arrow_forward: ACTUAL RESULT

:arrow_forward: GAME FILES

:arrow_forward: IMAGE & ATTACHMENTS

Same for any artillery unit in any campaign/historical battle: see here