Cannot order to build a foundation on an exhausted farm

Current build AoE:DE

Steps to reproduce:
1.Make a farm
2.Delete a farm
3.Order a line of wall(NOT DIAGONAL) on top of exhausted farm
4.Try to manually order villager to build the wall segments on said farm.
5.Villager will not do anything as the order is to rebuild a farm, that is not possible due to foundation on top.


I just tested this 2 ways: with an exhausted farm and a deleted farm.

There were no issues building small walls over the farm in any direction (straight across, up and down, and diagonally.)

I did it in bronze age.

The farm bugs I’ve seen:

  1. Make a granary with 8 vills on farms around it and none of the farms work. Even if you send the vills to cut wood for a second, the farms wont work when they return.

  2. You can convert an enemy farm after you destroy it by right clicking on it.

  3. Villagers themselves go bananas and spin around etc when placing them on a farm. The fix is tasking them to cut wood for a second and making them go back to the farm.

Edit: 1 and 3 above seemingly happen only in bronze and iron.


Is this a bug, though? Maybe dead farms turn into gaya and hence can be then turned/converted?

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That may very well be the intent of the programmers this time around. I can’t recall if converting an enemy farm costs the 75 wood, but if so, I don’t see how it could be classified as gaia. Gaia items have value free for the taking (eg eles, gaz, etc), whereas a farm is a man-made item that has a cost.

If on the other hand converting an enemy farm costs you nothing, then I think you may be onto something.

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