Can't make the cut scenes to work for a custom campaign and more bugs

I recently made a custom Tatar campaign and I want to check the cut scenes. But even though the background and the sentences work fine, I can’t see the pictures. I only see this weird thing:

Could it be, because I made an UI for that campaign? This is how it looks in the mods page:

I’ve never seen a custom campaign set up combined with a datamod, I would definitely separate those. Make sure you’ve got the correct file paths for your campaign images (and where they are referenced in the JSON), and ensure you actually have images there.

The paths are correct. I 'll try to separate the datamod.

Alright. I separated the files and now it works. So should I upload two different mods?
Also, all the scenarios have appeared from the start of the campaign, without even completing the first one. How is that possible?