Can't play Mexico/US Civilizations after buying the DLC?

Hello there,
I asked for support but the solution didn’t work at all. I followed these steps:

1 . Uninstall Age of Empires and then Press Windows key + R.
2. Type “wsreset” (without quotes) into the Run dialog box that appears, and press Enter.
3. Complete a system reboot.
4. Log back into the Store with the authorized gamertag and attempt to download the game.
5. Make sure that Gaming Services App is up to date.

I’m about to ask for my refund since this game AOE3DE has been a nightmare for every new update or DLC.

I appreciate if anyone could help?

Having the same issue. I bought US civ and African royals last Sept 2021 and until now I can’t play them. Can someone help? Thanks in advance!