Cant play Ranked Multiplayer with non gameplay-changing MODS anymore?

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  • BUILD #: 5th november update 5208
  • PLATFORM: Steam
  • OS: Windows 10

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Here is the problem I’m experiencing…
Since yesterday im not able to play ranked multi with mods anymore. I use 2-3 sound mods because i dont like the reworked unit sounds of the native civs and i use the asian alterantive voiceovers and the original native unit voiceovers mod. How is this a cheating - i would like an explanation. Using mods that dont change the gameplay shouldnt be an issue for playing multiplayer games. So please address this because its further lowering my will to continue supporting this game and takes out of my enjoyment. This is NOT what you should be focusing at the moment. Fix the bugs that all the community is reporting. I had to delete 20 naginatas because they got stuck over some tradepost and couldnt move - fix this instead of disabling non-gamplay changing mods to be used in multi. My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined

Im buildin up rage towards this game since the release. But as a diehard fan of aoe3 i still refuse to give up on it. I participated in all the betas - you didnt listen 70% of the community’s suggestions and delivered a half-baked beta product that needs maybe one more year of development. And with every patch you introduce more bugs and gamebreaking features. Please guys i beg you, fix the game :frowning: .

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I CANT PLAY MULTIPLAYER WITH NON GAMEPLAY - CHANGING MODS ENABLED ANYMORE. I dont like the new unit sounds and i consider you re-recording them as a waste of resources.

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Thank you for reading


Yeah, really hope this is a temporary measure while they figure things out, because this is overall a terrible change. This makes many mods completely useless for many players.


you have to unsuscribe to all mods, had that same problem yesterday

i’ts not a measure, it is a bug. Check the first item: 🐞 Known Issues: Age of Empires 3: DE Live Release!

Thats not the point mate. I figured i had to unsubscribe and i did. The point is i want to be subscribed to the mods and be able to play the game. Also their workaround i quote " WORKAROUND: Quitting the game and relaunching fixes that, though installing any new mods will prompt you with the message again." , does not fix the issue. You must not be subscribed to any mods if you wanna play ranked.

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I’m not saying is right, i was helping you be able to play mp

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I just reported something similar and I don’t even have mods!

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LMAO Fantastic :smiley: