Can't see hotkey in view and remap controls

I can’t see some hotkeys in view and remap controls, it’s truncated with “ctrl + shift + …”.
Is there any way to see it THERE?

Version 5.0.17718.0


You should be able to hover and get a tooltip. However, we were seeing a tooltip error in various different languages with PUP, so if you are unable to get the tooltip, please do report back.

What resolution are you playing on? I am able to see the entire string on my machine when playing in English, though like I mentioned we do often see the truncation occur with different languages.

There is no hover tooltip at “ctrl+shift+…”
But I can see “clear” tooltip on “x” inside this button.

Screen resolution: 1920x1080
Graphics / Resolution: 1920x1080
Graphics / Gameplay resolution scale: 100%
Acessibility / UI Text Scale: Default
Game language: English
Steam language: English
Windows 11 language: Brazilian portuguese

I am having the same issue.

Sorry you are seeing this @Alacn and @Alidir! I’ll open an investigation with the team and we’ll see if we can get a fix going. Thank you for the report!